Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


Like me you mean? xD


no they do not…

nor do they stack with healing

you can get both boons on there but it is yet to be seen if it actually works (i would think it would)


Forge longevity (durability) on to it?


hehe, yeah that’ll be my next test ^^

Edit: thought they might be like regen bombs… even if you forge extra on AoE them… they just default to the set amount of AoE


time to science this bittt… bitter bean!


yup… this is what i was afraid of… this has the auto close boon and a rank 10 durability boon on it O.o…


Well science once again prevails, to the dismay of humans everywhere (oortians too)


Thanks! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Any tests yet on whether one buff will replace another on a player?


still waiting for them to output from the forge ><


Well as long as it is cheap to make I don’t see the problem. I doubt most players will go through 2 of these in a year.

Question, for double doors do you have to hit both sides for the auto close to work?


I do like things I can’t have… So he’s an idea. AOE bombs that turn them into cluster bombs like the spitter have. Then think about the heal and buff possiblies. Ooooooo. That would be sweeeet! Just saying.
But i’ll be looking forward to these new bombs as well.
Great job. Looking forward to this on ps4.


if it only takes one activate to open both doors then it only takes one hit to affect both

yeah it’s not really a problem… unless you waste a diamond spanner thinking it will last longer >< Testing servers and give menu FTW!


duh, sorry thanks!


(Sorry, don’t have the strength bomb made/available just yet)


Has anybody tested whether or not a buff from a slingbow and a buff from a bomb are stackable?
I have a couple forging but I wont be able to test for a few more hours…


Also, note that the bombs do need range added individually


Which one? The Hard as Nails buff + the bomb Armour buff?


Awesome work! Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:

Now we just need to see how the AOE works for the buffs.


I have different AoE boons added to each of my bombs, and it does seem to work, but remember that bomb AoE can feel a bit iffy anyway.


This is awesome for metamorphic bricks where orientation matters and it sometimes is not possible to mine and place the block back without building a platform or even mine some more blocks first. Guess I will start to use meta bricks again. :slight_smile: