Testing 222: Venerable Forging!


Has anyone tested if you can adjust someone else’s doors like repairing other people’s machines?


yup… and you cannot ^^


something that would be cool for dedicated healers is if specing for +healing and or bomb damage also augmented the new bomb buffs ether in effect or duration of the buffs :hearts:


That’s all I have to say about that.




We need wood chisel that will rotate blocks as well as machines without changing the shape.


Yes! Duration, or maybe even AOE for the buff effects.


Yeah, that would be wonderful. Some of my guildmates would be happy to see that I can easily fix my misplaced blocks that I just leave forever.



it means the devs may have just killed the exo bot or are atlest trying too :slightly_frowning_face:


Aaah… Well, if they consistently appear like any other planet, i guess it wont be an issue.


servers are back up


Already changed to 10% of durability.


Yeah, i cant recall if they are the same buff. But it would be good to know if they take the same buff slot… It seems interesting if they are the same buff as the bows would be persistent and not based on duration…


I’ll be able to let you know later on today when some of the stuff finishes the setting process.


Sounds great. Thanks!


I noticed in the chrysominter update you used minor,basic,and greater beacon fuel instead of basic, improved, and greater. Could be confusing to some people. I know I got excited when it said I can get 10c per basic fuel minted ha!


Why spoil a nice buff with a negative?


to prevent never breaking armor bows? kind of like never breaking loot magnets?

edit: an armor bow with a debuff like slow would make an excellent utility off hand :hearts:


I thought buffs with a negative are what quirks were for though?


Does this durability damage get impacted by Durability feats and Durability foods?