Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


How did you make it so tiny lol


First, you can use the lattice-chisel several times to get the lattice as thin as possible.
Then you use a precise square chisel to cut down the branches of the lattice until it’s a small box.
Then you use a bevel chisel to turn it into an small crytal like that. :3


Christmas trees!!!
Halloween lights!!!
Led Romper rooms!!!


Thank you :grin:

Can’t wait to use these things in live


I’m totally going shopping for forged chisels after this update. Amazing possibilities,very exciting. :star_struck:


just found out that a non-precise chisel removes the bit on the opposite side too


Indeed! :wink:


First tryout on Testing with the new chisel
Some game logo inlay work :grinning:


At first when this thread came out i was like “this is cool” but wow this is mad wak fashizzle.
this opens up so many possibility’s! when this update drops i’m gonna hit the ground running with these new chisels. I know i know running with chisels is some what dangerous but i’m just to existed to follow safety procedures.



Try turning off your DOF in settings. I think your virtual “eyes” are focusing on the glass making everything behind blurred because it is out of focus.


Here’s a small lil’ suggestion that I was wondering about : do you think it could be done that, with a Transformation Chisel, we could offset a door/trap-door/glass-pane to be in the middle of a block instead of on the sides?


Oh I love the picture with the stained glass! That will look really beautiful in the builds


I may make 2500 of these to replace the glass in my palace :nerd_face::cowboy_hat_face:


1- Get gems and lucent gems
2- Sprinkle them around
3- Chisel all to octahedrons
4- Make it rain gems and lucent gems.


Exciting stuff!


Black gleam and white gleam glass. Black gleam looks like real glass. Cries for not having enough black gleam


That’s what I was hoping for nice.


More random pics for those who can’t go to testing :smiley:

This one makes the kid in me happy idk why xD

Modern-looking lanterns

Anyone opening a pharmacy? xD


So pretty!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for these! And LOL at the fourth one there. :rofl: