Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!


Kept double jumping in order to get a good photo high off the glass and apparently the height was enough to kill me xD


I already don’t know how use chisel and mesh nice what do


BUG: certain combinations of lattices and meshes cause the player to get stuck in place when getting too close to them.
it’s a corner shape, 1/4m diameter ( 2nd thickest) both normal and diagonal and 1/4m vertical diagonal on top of any pole/beam I’ve tried so far.
to unstuck change the lattice diameter


This could probably get screwy with fluids, since it’d have air space only on one side of the glass, and the other would end up as a liquid.

Not saying its not possible, but it’d definitely require some code changes.


The advantage of the current door placement on the inner-edge of a voxel is that it opens into it’s own voxel. So there is no intersections or collisions with any other voxels. This is the same reason why we don’t have any 1m+ door widths.

Moving doors into the middle of a voxel would then allow them spill out of their voxel.

Moving the Window Panes into the middle would mainly just make the placement logic (for players) a little more complicated. Likewise for Doors.

I wouldn’t suggest using a chisel for this as placement seems sufficient. We could maybe allow chisels to cycle through the locations.


Does the panes let natural light thru? Ie are green houses possible?


Yes, they should.


Is there a chance stained glass would allow colored light to filter through (as in real life) - in some future update?


I haven’t been on testing, but I figured the gleam colors would do such.


Has anyone checked to see if the windows are emissive like gleam? I’m honestly fine with them not being emissive…I just haven’t bothered to check myself


aww cant cheat the game xD tryed to make a sanctum where the new items are in and go to live… didnt work xD


o dear lord. they would look absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Damn, that makes so much sense, I’m wondering why I didn’t think of this myself. ^^’

Unless we’re talking about new types of door that are double-doors of 1m width total.

Thanks! Indeed, it makes things better, but it kinda feels like a band-aid solution.
Do you think there are ways to fix this issue without having to disable the DOF?


I dont remember them being emissive.


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Personally, I have no problem with that. Might be because I’m French and I don’t find the same sounds difficult as an American would.
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I didnt see any light from the panes but yeah what youre saying makes sense. Would be too bright to look through a window that emits a light though.