Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

So just rock salt/baking powder then. Hmm I guess you still have to put the syrup into bags after you grow it actually.

I’m pretty sure we can’t grow syrup?

Maybe I missed that though!

Edit: Ah, my mistake! Berries to syrup to bags of sugar!


People trolling will be warned and banned. This has already been stated above, or in the other thread.

People doing it for footfall, so long as they have accessible shop stands, are not doing anything wrong. If reducing their prices increases their footfall enough to make it worthwhile, so be it.


I know, but just wondering what will be considered trolling? There are some people that like to do little giveaways and super-low price sales for fun. Will those people will then be reported & banned for having prices that are too low? Is placing just one item for sale considered trolling? Is listing an item for 3c considered trolling?

If I place one trophy everyday on a stand for 5c, will I be banned?

Not if it’s a feather and you put an adv lock on the stand for me, lol.

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There is way too much trolling that could happen with the top 16 cheapest/price part

(just let it be locations you can scroll through or something)

Yup - you’re gonna have to stop that or I will report you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I am totally joking peeps)

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I feel like you can still do that, just mark it as not discoverable. Leave your directions on the forum like you already do and they can just follow it.

LOL maybe this is why they put out beacon buffers. To free up @james time for this.

I suspect the primary reason that I literally can’t even give away forged gem tools is because the instructions are only on the forum. Why would I not want them discoverable?

If people are gonna get banned for prices, I’d imagine they are going to be getting a ton of additional reports “I think Jimmy’s prices are too high…I think Jimmy’s prices are too low…”

In the other thread @lucadeltodecso said it would filter out 0 prices. Which is huge for me, as I hide stuff both as treasure hunts and for specific people. :grinning:


I think they said 0c items won’t show up. I’d have to go back through the comments to confirm…

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The discussion of banning revolved around inaccessible shop stands, not low low prices.
Very easy to determine, whereas excessively low prices are too subjective to police. The best part is, an incredibly low prices, but accessible item is going to disappear remarkably quick. Remember with BTN nobody trusted listings more than 24 hours old? That’s because a great deal does not last 24 hours.

I do wonder how it will affect people like @Gondor though. Maybe some people will need to increase prices based on demand, like I keep suggesting to some of those that struggle to keep their shops stocked.


Ah then these items shall continue to decorate my rail.


Crazy, if that’s where pies and brews are going towards then Noms 'n More is gonna close down! It’s already not a big money maker right now and already have difficulty to set myself to make more of them with the amount of steps and time it takes but at those prices I’m not gonna bother anymore…

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It’s a game, yes, I do like crafting, tho I liked making food and brews a lot more in the beginning. Not so much because I could sell them for more but it felt fun to do. Now, since I’ve done it a gazillion times by now, the fun to make them is waning, and with prices dropping so low that it’s also not possible to earn coin with them then I will close my food and brew shop altogether.

And that IS a problem. Well, not so much as mine closing, but if others close down as well and only the people who are willing AT THIS MOMENT to sell them for 40c remain and then stop in a month there is no more shop left that does…

Sorry, but for me that is a price that makes it not worth my time…

Which is exactly why the price you mentioned means it’s not worth it to me…

Nah, it’s not, look at the times you talked about, all that for 5k worth in coin? Seriously?

Don’t forget the orbs and all the other mats you need that you can’t grow yourself but need to buy or gather. If you sell a lot of pies and thus need to make a lot of them then you end up not having the time to gather all those mats by yourself so you end up buying them which makes your profits go down big time…

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72 rock salt
36 bags of flour
72 fortified butter
360 exotic yams

Rock salt barely costs anything.
50 bags of flour needs 72 wheat grains to produce.
50 fortified butter is made out of 36 buckets of fortified milk
50 fortified buckets of milk are made out of 18 buckets of purified buckets of milk and 18 shimmering orbs
50 buckets of purified milk are made out of 18 buckets of milk, 36 gravel and 72 charcoal
Charcoal is made out of trunks 1 on 1 basis, so 72 trunks
50 buckets of milk needs 18 milk glands and 18 buckets OR 18 buckets of water and 180 oat grains

Without a complete break down per pie, does anyone here think 40c is a price they want to make them for???


I don’t see them going to 40c. I regularly pay 300 for them. If there are people like me who will pay for a stack of them, when we want to, then that to me says there will always be a place for those items at that price.

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@James can this please become a “option” in the settings to permanently turn off? Even with the ability to press B it does not solve it constantly showing back when you are plotting. At times I do not want to see the plot system in a big block in the center of my screen that keeps coming back each time I switch. I have no ability to move it or make it smaller or anything… I’ve barely plotted and it is as annoying as can be already.

Please allow us to place it somewhere on screen and size it or at least have an option to disable it perm.