Testing 240: Compactness and Shopping API!

Level 3,287! How many plots you got?! Around 30k? :eyes:

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a lot of those in an uncompact manner…naughty me :grin: :expressionless:


Sadly I can’t test it but from most posts i see my current projects should be fine.
If it where and had to change or add something I should be able to do this. And still have plots to spare (Thank god i have torn down most of Anterra). :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

would it be possible to get an update first which will implement the system without hard activating it

so we see which beacons are realy affected and can easy fix them in 1-2 weeks without unclaiming only to reclaim maybe even destroy builds in the progess just to fix ?


That. Is nuts. :clap:

I think the new plot compactness system will be fine…we’ll just need ample time to re-adjust our plots on existing builds.



Im getting this error when trying to swap to testing creative. it works on live tho.

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My own Case aside, I think if the system is implemented as is there will be a lot of people wondering what happened to their settlement and will respond accordingly.
There was an early update that implemented plot changes that had to be back tracked as there was an uproar. The prestige change also Caused some fair amount of drama and quitting.
I’m very happy for the people this won’t affect but I suspect there are more than we think that will be affected.


You know this is easily fixable by just opening a couple new planets. Like Catfud and many of us here we get more and more plots everyday so when this happens youre bound to bump heads with someone somewhere.

I always have and always will look at this as a policing issue that (and I still think) if there was just an in game GM that you could contact immediately then these things would not fester and send folks to a new game.

Adding more complexity to an already complex system does nothing more then confuse both old and newer players. The newer players are already overwhelmed just learning and the older are just tired of new systems that confine or restrict building and having to suffer yet another hurdle.

I mean youve got a good game here I just dont get why youre going out of your way to kill it.


I think there should be some visual examples on knowledge or elsewhere inside game to clear confusion about why people can’t continue plotting.

Current compact rating warnings aren’t enough to players and that will lead many questions after release if it is not made more clear in-game.

IMHO having text only explanation is not enough or at least it seem that some players just ignore many of those tutorial messages maybe because of placement and amount of text.

I was able go negative compactness, below video how system will show purple data and give notification, I think this information is handled good way :slight_smile:. But might not be seen if player is active merchant (Notify message has same color and same icon)

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Don’t we also always complain about things not being in-game because not everyone wants to check sources outside the game? Lol


What rules should follow a GM while taking action against a player?

How do you ensure a GM didn’t do it to favor a player?

You still need rules, which we are getting now.

Also opening more planets that will eventually end like the ones we already have won’t solve the main issue.


They should be, but aren’t. And when there are advanced/complicated systems that players need more info on, they should be able to easily locate the info in the 1st place most gamers will look - wiki.

Not private discords, not searching the forums, etc.

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IMO this player should receive a warning and then a ban, if the behavior is repeated.

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I think I really like this update. It will take some getting used to though. I’m pretty sure it won’t affect me much if at all but I do have empathy for those it will affect.
With that in mind I think the below statement is reasonable.


My biggest issue over all of this is that the solution might be more damaging then the problem, and additionally the time spent working on fixing these issues could be better spent releasing actual content to the game (such as those shields that were teased around new years).

I never really saw reservation abuse to be so much of an issue that it warranted developing this new system. I don’t have access to numbers, but surely the time taken out each day to solve plot disputes isnt THAT bad is it?

Sure the dev team is small, but so is the player population

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maybe the compactness scoring bit should go live asap without all the effects and consequences for now, so we can see the actual numbers and have more time to plan and adjust

I personally support the update as is. not only because it justifies my compulsive need to plot in nice compact blobs, but it solves some of the problems ppl been having with each other


Absolutely the guild earns it. Every road/hub area in iLLn is donated to the guild and set to guild coin controlled, as is the entire mall and Hunt Lodge. The coin goes to the guild and is how our guild earns coin for buffs, and contests… why is that viewed as “less than worthy”?

It’s still made possible by member donation… and we still need to work together to make our city a place people want to go. :woman_shrugging:t2: So, what’d the issue? Does the coin matter less because it’s footfall?

And yes, buffs are a perk to being in a large guild… I see no problem with that either. Personally, I have worked my Oortian butt off to build an awesome, large, profitable guild…

For what it’s worth… I’m sitting on about 300k coin right now in my piggy bank… I’d have millions and millions like other people here if I kept and profited from the ff I generate on my beacons. I guarantee my members have way more coin than I do…


After reading this thread the feedback it’s mostly negative. I just want to mention that I think this change is awesome. All these prestige links spread around the planets are just annoying and should not have to exist. If every city can’t assimilate others, no city has to, to compete.

This change will greatly improve the situation on the public planets.

Thank you!


This is a needed fix and I’m glad the people that have been asking for it are finally getting it (if it works). I think it’ll make a few planets less of a war zone, lol.
But wow what a boring update. Can’t we all just calm down and get along and fight some titans together? Like a family is supposed to??