Testing 246: Liquids

Would it be a good idea to be able to allow liquid placement outside of beacons in Creative worlds?

Also when you place a beacon, allow liquids to be placed straight away and not have to wait for the “cannot place liquids in a new beacon”?

Also would be great to add a standard liquid breaker tool in the f9 menu, single hit and aoe hit. (I’m sure other people have bought up the same suggestion for other forged tools).


Outside beacons, probably not - as world regen still works as normal.

Inside of beacons, yeah defo support no minimum time limit on creative!


Do you know what the time is set to atm? My adhd is tweaking waiting to be able to place the petrol :joy:

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If I remember correctly, it’s 2 hours :thinking:

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Bruh. :pleading_face: