Testing [cplusplus] 10: Don't get too emote-tional?! ;) ... and no more going hungry!

Hello All,

We’ve just updated the game with emotes!!! :wink: :smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To try them out, push the [T] key on your keyboard to display the CHAT window and type the following!


Addition changes / additions are as followed.

  • More crash fixes.
  • Consumable items. Right click while holding cooked meat or raw meat to consume them.

Boom! … Finaly not hungry anymore and we can SHOW OUR SATISFACTION! … Wooohoooo! ;D

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Excellent - just tried them out and they look so goooooooood!

Did notice one issue though… and not sure if this is reproducible on windows (I’m on Mac at the mo)… when changing window back to the game and doing an emote, the animation stutters and the camera stays zoomed out. Doing another emote brings it back to normal again.

Managed to do this a couple of times (as I was referencing the list of possible emotes).


Will check out the issue you reported on both Mac and Windows. Thanks


woooooooooooooo… yeah! :smile:

So fyi we plan on further updates like more dynamic camera work with an orbital camera/ gui work etc. But that will be done as part of a common feature set across everything yet still to come from trading to chatting etc… like always - we’ll keep y’all posted.

For now it’s good to play around with them and get some instant gratification from more sophisicated personality interaction.

Nice work @AndyD:sunny:


You end up in the Twillight Zone!

PS.: Just a joke :wink:

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@TheBirne and @Siegfried
The portal bug has been fixed and my comments will be deleted.


Will the characters have facial animations as well at some point, for example laugh and intimidate?(basically meaning that their lips aren’t moving)

We would love to do that and we have talked about how to do that in the past but for now, the priority for that work is quite low. We now like to spend time on creatures, wearables, blocks, items, props, etc before going back to thinking about the facial animations.


Just something about the torches… Why do you see more thing in the dark when you have them in your hand than on the ground?


It’s because any light source you are carrying is counted has having no blockage. Torches and blocks have sides of them blocked and that goes into calculating how much light the source produces.

Then it should not be so hard to spice them up a little when you put them down?

Have you managed to recreate this issue since then? We haven’t been able to reproduce it. Presumably you were in first person view at the time. Were you playing the game in fullscreen or windowed mode?

I wasn’t able to reproduce on my Windows machine. I think the cause on my Mac may have been due to the amount I had open at the time (I was running a couple of VMs, photoshop, a couple of project IDEs - you get the idea) so it may have been that which made it stutter. I’ll try and reproduce it at the weekend if I can. Not really had chance today, sorry!

When I try the emotes, it says invalid command, am I doing something wrong?

Sorry, I just figured it out. thx