[Testing Server] Missing Objectives? (and a suggestion)

Hey everyone,

Playing on the testing server I’ve not been able to find objectives for mining, gathering, and basic exploring that was available in the last update. All I have access to is Builder, Crafter, Explorer, and Trader. Without being anywhere near high enough level to create shops, spark cores, or shelves I can’t advance down any of these paths so I’m essentially stuck to doing tasks and basic grinding. Is this by design? I’m definitely hurting right now without those “get 100 rocks” “get 10 coal” “get 10 iron” or w/e objectives.

As for my suggestion, I think sorting feats by tier of difficulty and then allowing you to collapse and expand the different sections would allow specialized players to quick and efficiently look at what they want to try to work on. It’s a bit of a mess to navigate right now.

Thanks guys!

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There is a new design for feats coming. It’ll look much more like the skills.


I can’t like that picture enough, that design is BEAUTIFUL!! SUPERB WORK :+1:

literally everything about that picture gives me :heart_eyes:


More goodness coming :slight_smile: Awesome!

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Bumping this as I haven’t seen any new objectives added in with the newest testing release. Are there mining/gathering objectives that are just hidden or blocked? Or are these mostly feat-based professions now?

The idea behind objectives, as far as I can interpret, is that they are primarily intended to teach the game and encourage learning all the systems in the early levels.

As you progress towards mid game, feats and contracts will start to take over as the primary system for “objective-based” experience.

contracts will also be accessible from every level, so you will always have the ability to pursue those generated quests for more exp and I believe (speculation) the tasks and rewards will scale with your level all the way to the cap

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I’m fine with that but right now I’m at a point where I have 4 empty objective slots on the testing server because everything is locked behind machine crafting and whatnot and contracts aren’t in so the only way to get exp is grinding and focusing on certain feats to grind. I was wondering if this sort of hard-stop in leveling up by gating the professions behind skill-ups that you won’t have enough to unlock for several hours-days depending on how much you play is intentional or not.

Edit: It also seems weird to unlock additional objective slots as you level if the number of ones accessible/pertinent is decreasing as you level? @james will objective slots be used for feats as well in the future? Or would you mind explaining what the thinking behind this is?


You will be able to pin feats and accept multiple contracts.

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