Text Popups when entering a new beacon

As i run though the mall/market places, even a town, If i see a basket or stand i want to get stuff from, I have to wait forever for the “You Have Entered…” Text to popup, and back down before i cant see the prices.

Wasnt a real bother before guilds really. But now every shop has a popup. Its crazy annoying.

I dont mind the Popups themselves, but the fact you cant see whats the price of anything till its gone.

Could we move the stand info down a little. So it stays visible while you enter a new beacon.


Or perhaps, even move the “You have entered…” thing upwards, and a little smaller, and with less sound perhaps.

Suggestion: only do it bigger and with more sound if it’s an actual GREATER settlement you’re entering and not when it’s just a beacon aligned to another guild as the greater settlement they are located in…

I won’t but I even considered having every shop align to the same guild to solve this. Which is crazy if you think about it, hence why I’m not gonna ask that of shop owners, but that one even thinks about it is showing how annoying it can be!


The devs don’t like it either.


Thanks, i missed that. Its got crazy since guild update.

I figured this’d happen when the Guilds update went to testing and unfortunately it is just as tedious as expected. Now we get flooded with that sound effect, big words and a regular, lengthy UI interruption when moving around trying to do everyday business which seems a worse outcome for the game than solving naming disputes between people who value a field value far more than I can understand.

I would’ve solved settlement identity arguments differently by just removing the annoying announce text event altogether so no-one can be bothered by it saying the wrong thing.


Yes just remove town names completely, nobody cares what their home town is called.


I don’t! Don’t understand the attachment. But I don’t RP in-game so maybe it’s that.


Yes I know what /s means, that’s why I replied. I don’t understand why anyone would care what their settlement is called. Seems like the least important bit to me, and most people make signs, block lettering and stuff to physically name & promote their spaces anyway.

The blaring introduction every time you move between settlements was already tedious and now you get it many, many more times. I couldn’t give a hoot what settlement your shops belong to, or what they’re called, or any of mine for that matter. Treating vanity plates like critical information and pushing it into a) main screen view and b) UI priority seems like massive overkill for a place name. No-one gets their character names announced all over my screen every time they wander into view.


I agree putting it in the middle of the screen is overkill, but some notification that you have entered a settlement and the name would be preferred.
Just a bit smaller and below the compass would suffice for me, that’d leave the middle of the screen free for the entity info as well.

I believe the best way to do this, Is at the top of the screen where the name already exists. When you enter a few area/beacon. I dont even care if the noise stays. It doesnt bother me. Make the words at top larger for the few seconds. I dont mind it covering up the gps a little, then shrink to where it is now. I like having identity. Also helps for the people that RP.

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I’ve been wanting to make a post about this, it is still very annoying, I would LOVE IT if the announcement text was either a little bit smaller or a little bit lower, but Please! let us see shop stand information while the announcement is happening!
it’s fine if it’s in the middle of the screen (or anywhere really) as long as it doesn’t cover any UI text!

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Yeah sorry, I completely misunderstood your above comment.
This is what I get for still being up at 11pm. I’m not 30 anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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