Thank you development team


changes to prestige, footfall, adding new content soon, and being able to spend some time on making events happen. i’m sure its not easy to generate material as quick as we all would like however i’m pleased that we are getting feed back and information about the game that we choose to spend our precious time on.

now bring on my tamable creatures, craftable armor sets, and thaumcraft conversion lol a guy can dream right.


Raises hand slowly… Teacher, can I get the opportunity to name creatures I tame? I simply want to form a Wildlife Refuge and Sanctuary for the public to visit and donate to support the conservation efforts for the endangered wildstock breeds. Due to overzealous natural evolution and selective breeding some wildstock breeds are at their end and it’s up to the concerned among us to provide a way back from potential exiction!

yup i want tamable pets so i can make that :slight_smile:


Creature breeding would be cool. Road runner slaughter house would be the way to go!


Will they be treated like McDonald’s chickens if they live on McRib?


Oh yea. A whole processing facility would be made