Thank you devs !very much

Created this to give some love towards the devs!
They are relatively small team,but still putting in some fantastic patches one after another in a short time!

Thanks for the latest patch and new planets ive been enjoying boundless 2years and theres no stop onsight!


I’m new but still impressed. Thank you Devs and Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow…and devs are from the UK. They don’t have thanksgiving.

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Well they probably have stuff I don’t have… like a fun job, maybe a significant other, probably a little money, their own place to live, etc… So since they have all of that I’ll also share my Thanksgiving wishes with them. :slight_smile:


They have a queen…hahaha

That’s Something Americans don’t have, that even Canada has (still under the queens (no real power) name.)

Pretty sure we lost that, when we told the British Empire to f off…