Thank you devs

You all have made this game so enjoyable, bringing new releases and updates, fun events. I didn’t take part in gleambow last year, but boy I am addicted now. I am enjoying this event and cannot wait for snowball meteors to fall from the sky. I just wanted to say thankyou.


Lovely for those that do the event, myself I dont care about that event nor snowball meteors like last year that I have done 0 of them. yet I enjoy myself without al that hassle

I enjoy gleambow and understand networks take a hit from it dough other holidays I just buy the deco off someone (^-^)

i’ve heard doing gleambows is the fastest/easiest way to get oort…
I guess it depends how fast/skilled you are

but yes! I agree, the return of the Gleambow event has brought me back and I’m loving it.


No time for gleambow yet , I got lost building the Maze :slight_smile: , soon ! . To the Developers , all I can say is that you never cease to amaze me . You guys rock in a very refined way :slight_smile: