>:) The Arkejump is back


I never thought I would be able to experience it in the live version, I thought it was gone for good, but it is with much joy and gusto that i proclaim the jump to still be present, and thank the devs wholeheartedly for giving my life purpose again. Yee haw.

Note: it’s a little different and a little more difficult but for the most part it’s the same feel, come by the park in New Nibiru on Lasagna for more details on how it works or to try it out for yourself :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve noticed that there is more momentum than expected in some situations :smiley:


What is it? :blush:


@ginabean The arkejump takes advantage of the fact that you gain more height and momentum off of sloped blocks, and specifically when jumping at the exact moment you leave the top of the slope naturally. If done right it can gain an additional block+ of height (not sure about distance momentum right now).

EDIT: you will need full agility and the first jump epic to take max advantage of it, it will seem lackluster otherwise.

the fun comes in using ice and ramps to create fun ways to exploit that jump :slight_smile: when you coombine these kinds of things with grapple-able objects in the sky you get the most entertaining way to waste time in the game.

There USED to be a way to strafe during your jump that could turn your momentum towards whatever direction you were facing, making certain types of ramps and things more fun, but that part of the movement system got re-done.


Oh thats fun…and a cool looking place…I had no idea :smiley:


Very cool! I love ramps and the momentum! Sounds like fun!


@james please remove that bug/exploit;

they are having too much fun


@boundmore I SWEAR