The Asgan Project (Gasan)

Alrighty so you know of a little city in Gasan, well it goes by the name of Asgan. Anyways ive recently started putting more effort into it and recently i decided to buy a new account so that i could record speedbuilds.

the town is a rpg, medieval, fantasy type town that fits and goes naturally with the terrain instead of flattening mountains for space. it also uses local resources as the only building materials, so no transferring worlds to get new woods.

co-ords - 1180, 81, -1378

anyway here is my channel and the current vids to go with it enjoy :smiley:

Channel -

Update Video.

Speed Build.

2ND speed build


That looks cool! Nice timelapse too!


Thank you!

Really like your build style. Clearly a load of care is going into this. :nail_care:

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@james Thank you and yes there is alot of time those 3 huts took 3 hours in total to build :smiley:

The second speedbuild should be going up soon just need to edit it :smiley:

Watch your videos man… Really like the style you chose for a water world. Very cool, keep up the awesome work!


Spoiler this episode has a new building style.

And Thank you so much :smiley:

There has been a delay please hold on as the train will arrive within the next 12 hours.

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Love the styling and you style of building, eg local resources, minimal terraforming. Will have to come visit :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley: ill get the Co-ords for ya

1180, 81, -1378

Here it is Enjoy

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Updated the main post with the second Speedbuild

awesome builds! I also try to keep most of the natural terrain…its all so beautiful, i dont wanna spoil it :smile: :sparkling_heart:


Somethings about to start! :slight_smile:

so if anyone is up for it this coming weekend Friday to Monday Night im going to try finishing this town once and for all. Before Fallout 4 Consumes my life for a good month.


why are the videos deleted?

Channel changed sorry, im pretty sure i have them still somewhere so they will be coming back

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