The auto-hit bug persists

I was clicking around on my 2nd monitor, clicked somewhere in the Boundless client in my primary screen to get back into the game, then exited the inventory soon after clicking to get back into the game. Auto-hitting starts.

@lucadeltodecso Is there any way to interrupt or cancel the actions or inputs on client side to keep this from happening after exiting menu? Client seems to think the left mouse button is held down.

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This happens daily to me, usually multiple times. I’ve used sooo many brews on accident, I can’t count how many times I’ve taken a T6 AOE to my base along with one dmg bomb… The bomb was a bad day.


Happens to me a lot after finishing a stack of blocks, then refilling it with shift+clicking the blocks in inventory then closing it. It starts right away placing blocks like i am holding the mouse button.

I hear you, happened to me in the Guild Hall like 2 days ago… blink bomb + range augment.
And this happened while i was refilling gleam into my inventory using shift+click.

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I have a spotty connection and have come to the conclusion that this occurs when game input is interrupted or state changed such that the game receives a “mousedown” command but misses the corresponding “mouseup”.

Most often noticed after a dialog change or sometimes entering a world from sanctum, where it’s not obvious that the mouse is locked in a mousedown state.

IDK how to address it without a change to the way auto-using a tool works, so just adding my observation here.

Not a real solution but a quick mouse click usually resets it. After applying one more hit to whatever you’re accidentally destroying ofc …

It is known, khaleesi

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I made a post about this like a year ago lol all i have to say is REEEEEEEE


So I realize that this is known and i love the quote, but considering the constraints (and particularly the cause of the issue) is there possibly a quicker method?

Constant state checks might, in some cases, handle this faster than you can click on the mouse. But really this would absolutely flood the client and the server on a permanent, non stop basis.

Maybe we could eliminate auto-tooling? :sweat_smile:

I was thinking unequip/reequip on UI entry and exit, injecting an input during the equip delay on menu exit. Not sure how practical


This is, IMO, a good idea.

I would suggest instead sending a mouseup or some other state release along with the command to close the menu or on entry from sanctum, etc… It would add minimal traffic/bandwidth and I’m not aware of a situation where I’d want to come in from sanctum or need to exit a menu ‘already swinging’, though I’m sure someone can come up with one.

Unequip/reequip is giving me spasms just remembering what it’s like having 6 quirks equipped :scream:

In the end this seems more like a shortcoming in the underlying protocol than a bug in the client. This fix would probably be very transparent though and cause minimal overhead, while addressing most cases. It wouldn’t help with all of them, though:

That’s a pic of nightstar slamming diamond 3x3 into the mantle for 20 seconds with me staring at the screen, inputs locked and literally turning red in the face i was so mad.

I definitely feel the pain.

They want specific steps on how to reproduce it, hard to fix something if they can’t make it happen.

Glad this isn’t an issue on ps4 anymore. Thought they fixed this bug a long time ago. Also I always put my tools away now after I accidentally destroyed part of my base. Heck I’ve but my controller down before and the button got pressed(hair triggers). So it just seems easier to me to have my loot stick(wayfarer with revive aug) and grapple in hand when I’m doing anything that doesn’t involve using bombs or hammers etc. or just have the tools away.

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I was able to reproduce the bug this morning by opening my inventory, clicking somewhere in the screen, and hitting ‘E’ almost immediately after to exit the menu. Auto hitting starts.