The BEST Feat


“So, umm, we know it takes up some time to collect all of these bonus coins and experience. Here, have some bonus coins and experience for your trouble …”



Gosh darn it!!! P2W!!! Let’s burn this place down!:candle::candle::candle::trident::trident::trident:


Pay 2 Win?


I like the sense of humor that is sneakily put into the game sometimes xD


Evil part of me thinks it would be funny if that coffer was a mimic… instead of a reward, a Hopper pops out and explodes, doing meteorite-type damage. :laughing: (Though maybe skip the defeat penalty for that one :wink: )


I have an image of me staring incomprehendingly at my screen with wide eyes as my character lays defeated in a meteor sized crator after opening the box… Speechless.