The Blue Palace (experiments in lighting)

The lighting on the blue crystals look great at night, so I built a whole giant palace for the sake of getting some cool pictures. I think this was a success!


Awesome!! I want to see it ingame :slight_smile:

Did you use blueprints or make sketches for it? How did this evolve? I’m interested in the building process. I do not necessarily want to copy it. Alltogether it looks really nice.

I started out with a 1 block tall outline in the ground, with the idea of having 3 separate towers/domes, and at least 1 would be like an entry hall. I built the two parts on the right first, and included a decorative space above the second hall. I think decided I wanted a spiral staircase up to that decorative area so that it could be functional. Then I decided to make a pillar of blue light because I thought it would look cool. During this whole process I added a couple of terraces around the base so I could include some plants in my build.

Reminded me of something

Everything is going to change once we finally release the different coloured crystals.


Beautiful! I look forward to orange and yellow palace too :wink:

I’ll just build more castles in the different colors! I could build one for every color of the rainbow! That would be a neat project!
Will all my blue crystals currently laid down change colors? I don’t particularly care, I’m just curious.

The default behaviour is that the crystals in any world would be changed (permanently) to the ‘natural’ colour of crystals for that world. We could if we wanted force it to stay blue, but then that’d have to apply to ‘all’ crystals in the world rather than just ones placed by players (as we can’t realistically track that sort of thing precisely)

cool So my palace gets a free color change :stuck_out_tongue:
or it has a chance that it’s world might have naturally blue crystals in which case I’m happy too!

Where is this?

Here are some Pics of the palace in daylight (you can see details now)
I also posted a pic with the coords on it. The world is Xewell. :ok_hand: