The Boundless Soundtrack is A+++++

I am a sucker for stringed instruments and ambient sounds and this game’s soundtrack has a lot of both.

Good job Boundless Team!


Totally agreed - though I admit I often put on my own music and zone out to it while playing, the soundtrack really is beautiful. :slight_smile: Great work!


I want the t6 strings song on my t4 base naow! 3:<


Sitting at my base in the rain and listening to the music is one of my favourite things. A hearty salute to the music dev!


hmm, soundtrack…goes turns up music from 0 for first time…oh yeah…very relaxing…might have to try that more often.

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I agree!

But Circarp is good though!!! lol (you are on Circa right?)

I was exploring Norkyna this morning and there is this song…wow…it is stuck in my head

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Ye, I returned home ^^
plotted Maris Matheim.
But I had to give up the t6 song 3:

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I turn the music off of most of my PC games like this because the same stuff pops up over and over. But after a while of having it off, turning the music back on for a 3000+ hours played game restored a little bit of the magic and mood. :>