The Boundless version of Redstone - Gears!

Steampunk would integrate well into the Boundless universe. And since we will never get redstone, we could have something better - gears! They would be placed into a voxel like current decorations and could be combined to create all shapes and sizes.

X - single gear, oriented relative to which surface they are placed on

XX - combine to make a larger circular gear that multiple similar or smaller gears could connect to

X - combine to make a functional gear pillar/spindle, could also be arranged XXXX; good for connecting gear sequences at multiple levels, and can be more than 4 long.

I - shaft; connects gears to other gears

I - longer shaft

X – X (sample gear/shaft sequence)

O - pulley; can be connected to gear shaft and turn a belt; belts can also be used to connect and turn gears.

Gears would behave as they do in real life - one turns L, the next turns R, L, R etc.

XXX - an even larger gear


That’s something that would keep me playing for years. Not that the game isn’t fun, I love it. I’m sure that would be difficult to accomplish but a man can dream haha

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Also crafting engines to power vehicles would be on my wish list as well


This would be great, but I’ve always assumed we don’t have anything like this because of networking limitations.

>> „Out with new, In with the old.“ <<

It is a nice idea, It would be very nice to have gears and other moving parts for decorations. However Your post doesn’t really explain what gears will do on a functional level, if they are intended to also have a functional side. You compare it to redstone, The thing that made redstone very powerful and flexible, was the redstone torch, which is basically a NOT Logic Gate. If your goal is to emulate redstone with gears. How do you propose to emulate the NOT gate with the gears?

You have a nice idea, but I feel like there could be more added on to it.

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Conveyer belts could make this functional. One way to use them would be to build between machines and be able to send items crafted from one machine to another automatically, so you could effectively craft say oort into deco oort by starting it on the compactor, then telling the refinery to refine after that, then on to workbench.

I love the idea, but James has basically said that the MMO nature of Boundless precludes a redstone-like system because the servers just couldn’t handle it. I’m way too lazy to dig up the quote, but I think without a big influx of resources or an improvement in the underlying tech, this will remain just a really cool idea.

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That is unfortunate, something akin to redstone would really take the game to the next level.

Factorio comes to mind with conveyor belts.

Redstone-like mechanics don’t need to function or be implemented the same way as Minecraft. Just make the multi-block devices, like what the machines are or portals, and have the morph into whatever they should be.

If they need to be hooked up to a spark source, then so be it. I don’t think this kind of stuff is completely out of the question nor should it lag up the game either.

@james Any thoughts on this?

Not 100% sure what the purpose of gears would be, my idea is primarily for decoration, wow-factor and to make Boundless even cooler… step on a pressure plate and all the windows in your castle open type of things. Maybe build a ski-lift with it to cross a lava river, or an elevator to the top of your tower.

Things like an escalator or ski lift would be cool, we basically have a similar system in reverse (slide block/ice block). Automatic doors via pressure plates could be achieved without the use of “logic gates” but that would limit them so much that I doubt people would be that excited about them for very long.

I’m all for more interactive stuff for us to play with in game. But a logic system like minecraft’s “redstone” would be incredibly taxing on the servers as instead of just handling one person’s “computer” you are handling dozens of them, even when the player is offline.

If we simply had animated gears that had no purpose except appearance that could be cool (similar to LED blocks). But gears are far more limited in uses to LED blocks so I doubt their appeal is as wide (happy to be proven wrong here). Not hating on the idea, but i get why it might not happen (I have some chiseled gears that I anticipate will always be static, but look cool non the less).

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In beta the dev’s mentioned they where gonna do that block type conveyor thing but it got lost in archives


Doh, was really hoping some depth would be added to the game akin to red stone or gears, I wasn’t aware that had been taken off the table by the devs. Real shame :disappointed_relieved:

I’m a bit surprised the game is already at its limit considering Minecraft is 10 years old in a couple weeks and I was playing on servers like wooden axe with a larger player base than boundless more than 5 years ago that ran smooth as silk. That’s with all the redstone, mobs, explosions and running water you could throw a stick at. I grant you boundless is pretty but that should just be a strain on your pc, as far as server usage…

Maybe its time to blow the dust off the old Diamond axe and see what happens for the 10 year anniversary :grin::+1:

Both games have their unique ‘depths’.

In Minecraft, you are bound to looking at the same night sky, same sun, but in Boundless, the night sky is more than just stars. In the night sky you get to see the progress of other players, cities, might even see your own!

You may use Portals to enter different dimensions, but it will not be portals like they are in Boundless. You can mine in your favorite underground area and simply warp to wherever at a cost or for free if you’re warping home. Hell, the Portals, in Boundless, renders the other side and shows you all that is happening before stepping foot through.

You may enchant tools and weapons, but there is far more styles of ‘Enchanting’ a player can find from the Centraforge.

You may ride an Elytra and propel yourself with fireworks, but I find a fast reel-in, long-range grapple more exciting, especially with one in each hand.

You may find dungeons to duke it out with zombies, skeleton archers and spiders, but it will not be like taking on a Meteor by yourself.

There are some complex things you can build in Minecraft, but the building experience is entirely different in Boundless.

I suppose it comes down to what you make of it. There is a creative game to fit different creative thoughts.


The only problem with Boundless is its age… who knows how it’s gonna be when it finally hatches.

Creating workflows like this would be incredibly helpful.


I am not understanding what you’re stating and am genuinely curious.

What do you mean by hatch? And what is the issue with the age?

If you mean official release, it hatched already and there is still new content. If you are implying there are more recent games when referencing the age, then, yes, I would agree, but it will not be the same experience compared to Boundless.

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Boundless is just very unfinished, like No Man’s Sky but not on that level. It’s gonna be more awesome over time.

But that’s why I’m not worried about the game’s age. The more time the dev team spends with this game, the more polished and expansive game we’re going to end up with - just like you say. I’m so happy with how far the game has come so far & I know the future is bright. :smiley:

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