The censor is weird

Why are the words “pull a” censored in the chat lol. Is this some weird offensive slang I’m not aware of? :thinking:

Maybe developers don’t like pulla.


Mmm I love cardamom
I know why “an all” is censored but that’s ridiculous, come on. They don’t censor “an ill” or “an ull” or “anull”.

Also Kraut is censored. Kraut is a delicious food and I don’t understand why the developers are opposed to it. I have conferred with several German players who tell me it has not really been an offensive term since about 1960.

Ps @Arkanjel that cat is creeping me out. I don’t like the way it’s looking at me.

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I saw that in chat during the hunt and was like “what in the world did Arkanjel say??” lol

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Thanks for the report @Arkanjel. It’s another one of those words which shouldn’t be censored.

From doing a quick search online, the term has been used as recently as last year to describe a German in a tweet. Having said that, if you’re using the term in place of the full word ‘sauerkraut’ (where the full word itself is not censored), then you could argue that it’s not offensive if you referring to an item of food. I’ll make a note of it and pass it onto someone to look at.