The Centraforge is annoying to use

The constant dragging and dropping of essences down into the forge is exhausting. The first essence can be moved into the forge with a shift-left click, further essences have to be dragged.

Suggestion is to make it so that shift-left click replaces the current essence with the clicked one, the same way that dropping a new one would do it.

Alternatively it would be even better if we could assign hotkeys to the 10 slots which would select and immediately use that essence.

Last but not least I would love to have a setting toggle to always skip the animation. It’s awesome that we can skip it but double clicking gets old too. :slight_smile:


I like all 3 of these ideas. My plan is to implement this as autohotkey script eventually.


I would like a better forging interface as well, but something that works for both PC and PS4 players. Even just having the ingredients closer to the ‘go’ button would be a vast improvement for the slow cursor speed of the console.

On ps4 we can single click in and single click out, so rather than draw and drop to replace, just click in, click out, then click in, etc.

Dunno if that would work on PC as well, but be better than drag and drop!

You can shift click them back to the deck too.


removed bc…I wasn’t paying attention lol


They can be shift clicked too. and clicked before the animation is over, so then you can be poised to shift-click the next one. But you first have to remove it with a shift-click. Not sure why your having an issue unless your clicking too soon.

For the centraforge?

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Good start…and fix the randomness of it while ur at it

Yeah this is a pet peeve of mine too!

For ps4, i don’t understand why we have to drag/click the ingredient out before putting a new one in.

Why not just allow us to click the new ingredient in, removing the old one?

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Shift click/R2/L2 old ingredient out of it, shift click/R2/L2 new ingredient in…

Also if you do use the dpad it’s press X on the new ingredient, press down, press X, press down, press X and next round is already starting! (and press X again to skip the animation)