The City of Steam-Open to the public


Thought i would add this in for funimages-1


yeaaaaah do it doit doit doit
oh theres one in aqua but portals down cant reach builder @Haradim
but grapple to it it got nice design to help ya find inspiration


Oh yeah, that’s been in the plans from the beginning. I wanted to build a smaller one first to get a better idea on how to start a huge airship. I feel much more confident now :sunglasses:.


hey cook submarine under canon dont forget :):star_struck:


Since you are the one who owns the plots for the canon you would also have to own the plots under it. Are you down with that?


:cry: i wish i could but i can claim the canon area somewhere else
and leave the option for a submarine half out the mountain open :slight_smile:
oh btw i dont own the canon but can switch over with you if ya need the plots elsewhere


got an alt somewhere lol maybe i can fix him up for plots a bit


Hey @Cookviper is it ok if I could possibly build something here so I could have a workshop/house other then my shop at the city.

However I am not the most sure about plots.


Sorry but we’re putting a crane there that extends over the water.


Actually check with @KKBell cuz he might’ve started the crane else ware. Also if you’d like you can build right across the street on that new section That you helped me with.

Looking for builders

What planet are you guys on?


Solum. There’s a portal to us in the star shop in Pixel Gate.


Yep. I moved the crane. If you build about 4plots high, stick to the mats. and theme, and be open for suggestions. Looking forward to see what you got. The space behind is to be left open, but think about an exit to it maybe.


Hold up. I was just looking at the area and would like to keep that area open. There is an Observatory up top that I think we need to keep line of sight to. I would recommend the area that @Cookviper was referring to. I out lined the possible area to build at.


theres one inside steampunkshop in aquatopia shopping to
go in the big cogweel lol


hey @Cookviper started clearing the hanger space, you might want to keep an eye on it as there is quite a bit of reserved space.


hey friends my apoligis for promising to finish canon i got sidetracked with new village i wont promise to do it but will do it :smile:i got the mats ready just need find time
oh and it looks amazing best build ive seen so far
is this the steampunkcity page or is their another one ?


this is the right post.


So it should be fairly obvious where i got the inspiration for this at lol

(still a WIP)

Thanks for all the amazing examples of steampunk-ness ^^

i’ve been ruminating in the background, since this post and the city sprang up, on an idea that would motivate me to try this style and make a contribution… im still unsure about a building BUT if you all need a dramatic portal frame / entrance… i think i have a working concept here ^^

the naturey stuff could be reduced / omitted… naturally =P if it clashes too much with the industrial city ^^


Wow!!! That’s incredible!!! :heart_eyes: you absolutely positively MUST incorporate that into the city somewhere. :clap::clap::clap::clap: