The City of Steam-Open to the public


Awesome. Thanks


It’s all yours! I can free it up in the morning.


Thanks again. I look forward to moving in.


I’ll be available for the next 7hrs. Is there a particular time that you can jump on?


I’ll be at work till 6pm tonight (9 hours). Hopefully we can meet up then or sometime soon.


Before i leave for work i can unclaimed the plots, if you can get to them before the regen?


He can wait… otherwise he might come back to an empty plot or pile of rocks or soil. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why don’t use just add me to the beacon? That way if i forget to pay my rent you can just take it back :stuck_out_tongue:


That can be done. We’ll have not meet at some point for a friend request.


True. Hopefully we will be online at the same time.


On a side note I through up a couple 50ft tall doors under the turret which I’m kind of proud of, and I’m in need of verdant grass seed…and lots of it. Like a couple thousand. In case anybody has a bunch lying around.


You can take whatever is on my shelves in my ice box. I’m not sure how much is there, but it’s not much. I have to peat farm tomorrow, so I’ll deliver whatever I dig up.


I have seen the place for the doors, I say you need a submarine in there :wink:


To whom that might be curious, I just started on a giant draw bridge that will connect the new expansion to the mainland. I think the bridge will be the border on that side of the city so as not to encroach @Jiivita too much :sweat_smile:. The only drawback :smirk: is it took a ton of iron and will need a ton more to finish but will be well worth it. I’m gonna have gears with chains connected to it to make it look straight legit. :sunglasses: so to anybody looking to sell or trade iron blocks I’m in need. @KKBell There’s still some in your shelves but I don’t wanna use it all up.


Any kind of iron? I have an ok amount of machined iron…


Oh man I am in need of machined iron too… this city’s prestige is sky rocketing from all of the machined metal being used in it!

I saw the drawbridge today, it looks amazing!


@Cookviper @KKBell Take whatever iron is on my shelves. If you need me to machine it first I can do that also.


Any kind of iron will work.


Take it all. I haven’t been able to do much lately so if i can contribute with material then I certainly will.


I’ve completely burned through all of the iron I can get my hands on, and I’m in the process of obtaining more. I’ll be happy to restock all the iron I borrowed from the shed when I finally finish.