The creation of player towns

well so far all i see are a bunch of player creating their own structures, caves, castles and other such goodness but no one is organizing to make a place to gather and create together. which is what i figured would be happening, but i think we should get together as a group or many groups to start building towns and roads so that new players dont just leave when they see no interaction from the other players i know i was about to quit after a while of not seeing anyone. i know there aren’t many blocks yet but still we can build villages and towns all the same so please do post any ideas of where you wish to make these first hubs of Oort so that we may gather ourselves up and make these starter towns just make sure its not like drastically out of whack it doesn’t need to be gigantic it just needs to serve it general purpose as a hub for players to gather and create these new worlds

Come visit Ruchs Capital. There are three little villages (two actively under construction) and I would love to see it become a metropolis. If that’s okay with @Lycankind

I am going to request a portal to the Lapas capital, so we can have two linked hubs.

There are a lot of other great towns going up though, two on Folva that are amazing by @Turakae , @Mittekemuis, @Predatoxic

Also the majestic builds on Melfig, Yugen, Lleb, Lemde…and more that I am forgetting…

Edit: Oh!! And of course @b00n’s fantastic megadome settlement on Xewell!

But anyway, consider yourself invited to Ruchs!

WIP on Sedatars as well.

a good that is where i was planing a town right outside of the lapas capitol but i meant like no crazy builds pretty much simple towns where players would feel like its an mmorpg and not just a building game cities and towns like you would find in dungeons and dragons (not the online game but the pen and paper game) to get into the role play aspect of it sure no one has to speak as though the are from the middle ages but the towns i’m talking about could have been pluck straight from those times

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i should probably visit b4 assuming they are not what i expected my apologies

@DarkRepulsor im actually quite enjoying walking throught the nice tow to the southwest of the capitol
ill be looking at the other two quite soon

The Watchers guild is presently working on a town on and off, but it will be more of an RP town and we’re taking our time for the moment due to how early the game still is and how few rp elements there are, but we are out there.

I have a WIP town on gasan at:

X 1284
Y 67
Z -1409

it is a themed town so medieval fantasy and its a port town so its main trade route would by by ship main food source would most likely be fish aswell.

players will be able to buy plots of land with prebuilt houses and rebuild new ones but with slight requirements so they fit the theme.

I’m currently building the base of a town on Cshrime too. It’s fairly far from the capitol and has no other structures around that interfere with the view.

I’ve started building on a lake, the town should be some sort of hub focused on magical discipline (to emphasize that both of my beacons are encased in Gleam crystals).

If you want to take a look, feel free to visit - it’s located approximately at -2014, 81, 5

Just checked @Kerpie’s place. It looks really, really neat. You should come and see it for yourselves, guys!

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@Kerpie I love the detail at your town, I’m excited to see it grow!! Are you planning to build some ships eventually?

@Lilem rofl. “Yeah I’m building this little base thing, whatevs” – it’s like a GIANT FLOATING IMPERIAL PALACE!!! Did you place all that landmass yourself!?

I recently moved into the Ruchs Capital area. There are about 4 little community growing and I would imagine more of a joint community the more we play together. I know DarkRepulsor is my closest neighbor and we would running around yesterday. Come join the family.

yes I’ve already moved to Ruchs just admiring Lycankind’s nice town

Tonight I will finish that Pantheon and start building a small Roman style community. If you want to play I’ll be on tonight around 9PM Central Time.

i might check in to see how it looks again

I believe the “gian floating imperial palace” is referring to the capitol of Cshrime :slight_smile: No, I didn’t build that, I only restored a tiny bit that was out of the capitol beacon and got griefed. My piece of land is located approximately 2000 blocks away from the capitol, here’re the coords:

My building area is a lot less spacious than the capitol :slight_smile:

This is yours right? It’s awesome!!

I was simply surprised at the size of it! And you’ve created that floating island from scratch, is that right?

Nope, that’s not mine, and I don’t know where exactly is this O_O Can you tell me the coords?

Oops…I guess I went the wrong direction. :joy: I will try to find yours. >_O So good job whoever built this other one!! lol sorry Lilem

Its mine XD