The Daily Player Finder: Poll Edition

Hey guys, my last Player Finder topic wasn’t too great and I tried updating it to have a poll as a more convenient way to tell people where you are at, but the site gave me a weird message. That said I’m making this upgraded topic and if a Dev/Moderator could get rid of the old one for me that would be awesome, because I’m an idiot when it comes to forums.

Here is the new Player Finder, click of a button style instead of writing a paragraph every time you want to play or quit. For those that ditch this topic, at least update it to say offline so we don’t dash people’s hopes.

  • Offline
  • Tawas
  • Veedle
  • Vekil
  • Civini
  • Cshrime
  • Folva
  • Gasan
  • Gihhs
  • Nbor
  • Palckn
  • Selta
  • Yafaday
  • Gortnen
  • Hawig
  • Iielo
  • Lepker
  • Nasag
  • Qebeql
  • Ruccie
  • Wardin
  • Wenton
  • Zltor
  • Agabab
  • Furthor
  • Keuekok
  • Kohe
  • Lapas
  • Lotad
  • Melfig
  • Storial
  • Vaisier
  • Xewell
  • Yobel
  • Yugen
  • Callaw
  • Lemde
  • Lleb
  • Merfi
  • Omoson
  • Oppoh
  • Ruchs
  • Saptu
  • Sedatars
  • Shodi
  • Ulaip
  • Vadvy
  • Other
  • Traveling

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The amount of offline players is too damn high!

The poll is accurate to the big projects going on right now though.

Although honestly, why do we need this poll? If people are interested in finding others and participating in group builds, there are many forums weekly of people calling for help in their worlds. All someone needs to do is look.

We on Ruchs have been calling for more people to build with us for over a month, Jam Session on Ruchs - All Welcomed!, Gasan just launched a big project,The Asgan Project, and there are several other group projects. All people need to do is read the forums if they want to find people.

Can other people please link their big projects here? If we bring everything to one thread, then people can easily locate projects without a lot of forum hunting.

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Would be amazing if there was just a live version of this that’s connected to the game XD

If that’s possible maybe even a Friends list/ PM chat that connected to the forums would be cool too


That’d be the best solution.

The server i chose as home, Eisa, is missing from the list :stuck_out_tongue:

I do recall there being an Eisa, it wasn’t there when I was logged in to make the list though.

Is there anyway to change my answer. Lmao

Never mind I figured it out

Does anyone know what servers I may be missing here? And can anyone confirm if the poll can be edited to include those? Because the option “other” isn’t really helping players find each other.

Meezan is lost…

Does anyone else live on Lielo, my home world? :lester:

Meezan? …

Unfortunately I don’t have the permissions to edit the poll after 5 minutes. Gotta bug a dev or a big mod.

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sure . ok… :yellow_heart:

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