The Daily Player Finder

Everyone keeps asking where everyone is and how to find each other or what server everyone is on.

Let’s make this simple, if you like the company of others post your server that you intend to occupy for the day.

Feel free to give away coords if you are trusting and maybe the date just in case someone doesn’t have the sense to see it was a week ago.

Example Format:

-Playing on Ulaip, 3/14/2015, chilling by the road leading out of the capital-

So now after posting server, time and location, anyone who needs a friend can find you.

Please dedicate this topic to listing and not to any discussions.


Offline now.

Playing on Gortnen, 655.1336. Usually find me there between 12:00am – 4:00am GMT (it’s 6-10pm my time…)

Currently on Xewell building near the blue palace. 3/19/15 Sporadically on between 7:30 and 10 pm MST

If anyone’s online, come help me scrub Yugen’s capital, place got griefed again…

Came to help… started clearing out a building. 20 minutes later i can ALMOST see the other side of the room :frowning:

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Im on Lotad, in my normal area just building things.
If you wanna build some small houses and a village area cmon over!

trying to find someone to play tonight.

Huggman we are clearing land in xewell hit me up if you want

Try to let others know where you are at/your world.

Try to edit your posts instead of posting again, you can say your on one day then edit to say offline and when you come back you can tell people where you are at again.

Hi everyone! I am on the LAPAS server and would love to help build the capital there…is anyone here already building something there? Please let me know - Thanks! Jenndragonfly

3/29/15 3pm - i will be online for most of the afternoon and evening :smiley:

I also want to say…I am willing to help out others as well…much more fun to play WITH someone and build the community! :+1:

Hey guys, how quickly do polls update if you change your answer?
The reason I ask is because people still post topics asking where everyone is.
I want to condense the number of topics by turning this topic into a poll format where offline is an option and each server is an option, that way if you log on/off Oort people looking for friends know where they can try to find you.
Do you guys think this would be effective even if only temporarily?


Hello from Heart

I’m now and for some hours and the next days (I’m usually always in wardin) in:
Wardin, coordinates after request (PM here, Steam, …) :new_moon_with_face:

Needing help to build a very hugh wall, tempel Project, aso. :crystal_ball:

I’m so happy to be and build with other players in wardin,(-) this really huge project - (can / will add to the beacon heartly players)… :bird: :sunflower: :rose: