The Dam


DragonForce The Experience is proud to announce the opening of its newest attraction.

The Dam is a challenging grapple course complete with a timed leaderboard. To register a time on the leaderboard post a video of your run in this post or contact CrypticTofu#8286 in Discord to schedule a time to be judged in person.

The course starts on top of the dam on the decorative blocks. Proceeding in a counterclockwise path you must touch all the floating islands. The flat islands are designed to land on top of while the ones with a gleam lantern must be swung from but not stood on. Touching the water or anything other then the floating islands before completing the course by passing through the gleam lantern ring disqualifies your run. The course is designed with level 4 grapple mastery and a emerald grapple in mind.

All segments of the course have been completed individually but no one has complete a full run. Be the first!

Access the course though DragonForce the Experience. The entrance portal is located one block south of the dragon statue in Dragon’s Watch.


if noone has done it not even the creator then how does one know its possible
P.S. HMU with that discord because i can’t find you @vaenn :wink: in most the chats


As I mentioned in the original post all the parts of the course have been completed individually but not put together into one run. I have videos of successfully going from each platform to platform. I was going to include them in my video here but I thought I would give it a few days first. There isn’t anything too tricky but there is one spot towards the end that needs a little creative use of positioning.


You should make it over a giant portal that brings you back to the beginning.


Good thought. Was thinking about adding lower down grapple points along the sides to make it easier to get back to start but ran out of plots. Portal would be awesome but I am but a poor new player without those kinds of resources. How about over lava! That was my original plan but wanted people without death penalty reduction to be able to do it too.


Nah don’t worry! A portal that’s 800x800 doesn’t cost that much :stuck_out_tongue:


If I had the plots I could mine out a giant funnel that leads down to a tiny portal at the bottom.


I am going to add torches today to the floating grapple points with a repeating color scheme (RGB, red/ruby, green/emerald, blue/sapphire) to make the path clearer.


I have put torches on each grapple point or platform to identify their order (Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue…). You can also see the order in the picture below.