The End of some Planets


Will let the following planets expire after the lease period.

Cardass Hub,
about LV-426 Alpha -->
Helix Nexus 5 days
Solaris 12 weeks
Terra Sola 13 weeks

Kol Huroo Hub,
about Antares III -->
Audax Aliquid 2 weeks
Antares III 6 weeks
Another World 7 weeks 3 days
Cydonia 13 weeks

Helmut (Tarah)

If someone needs some Colors…


Thanks @Helmut /Tarah for this post.

I made a video mainly on your planets where to get the nice gleam you have available.
I hope it helps getting players towards your planets.

Thanks for the gleam. It will help me to make some nice things for my shop.


Managed to pick up a few colours, will spend the next day or so picking up some more.

Thanks so much for the heads up about this.