The Future of boundless :)

Aaaaaaah scared you didn’t I

what I wanted to say is, that I will soon be working on making pre-build shops on the FUTURE MALL

this means you could get yourself a shop without any building work yourself!
the shops will mainly be built by the lovely @May-L04 and on the side my support!
there will be some new extra basic rules

For example, once you decide to leave the mall, you don’t reclaim it but pass it on to another player
this saves us from rebuilding each time!
the shops will be coloured per row so north will, for example, have yellow shops west will have blue shops and so on, more info to be added later, the goal for this is to give less work for players yet being able to sell stuff in a well-planned mall :+1:

meanwhile, I will continue fine-tune the mall again to make it better :slight_smile:
like add flowers and add a bit of green to it and fountains


I am willing to offer my services, I got summer vacation coming in about a week or 2 so I got time


hmmm i will see if i could use you, ill talk with may about it

I shall put you over my knee.

Had just put my phone down to work again.


Puffed up cheeks mad

don’t say things I like :joy:


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I’ll look at a spot once my 3 big builds are dine and I can craft to sell again. I’m crafting to build currently.

Uncle Willies Dispensery is at end just 10 hours of chisel work to go then got Auntie Mays farm to build.


Chisels uuggg again

keeps you from the streets …literally


@May-L04 tell @host that ik that’s he’s just trying to blame it on you that I can’t do it :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Now heres the multi million dollar question. will people be able to build their own shops. Also remember I have a spot picked out I’ll build this weekend in

people will still be able to build/alter the shop
maybe the first row open spots will have buy-out premium shops 2nd row behind will have pre-made cheaper buyout shops and the last row free shops thats maybe the idea i will go for

buyout cost will be material costs + maybe a little for the work, buyout shops will be owned by the buyer and reclaimable then if they want

i just going to see how i want to add such a system to the mall (if i add it)

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I can offer to make some mats to make some free shops so people will get some spot quickly

And don’t worry I’ll try to color code my shop to your holy standards :rofl:

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i own millions of blocks i dont need it made lol im talking millions marble millions brick u name it so dont worry about the materials

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Ik I’m offering so some will get free shops to get this thing moving :grin:

its not a rushy thing i dont rush things without planning carefully first
it needs to work the best way for the players/shop owners to come

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Yeah since they purchase the shop I would give them the freedom of either reclaim it as soon as they’re not interested anymore OR they give up on it like a transfer back to us, and we give the money back to them that they paid for getting that shop, like some renting system

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that’s an awesome idea! :thinking: i think people would like that idea

What color code is the east