The FUTURE OF FARMS & region XP changes [complete]

dear concerned lol…

the future of farms and the region XP will have a new design coming
I started to build the new hub Monday, and I hope to have it finished before the weekend hits!
the transfer will be seamless, so there’s no waiting :slight_smile:

the idea is to have the future of farms and region xp + player portals in 1 location close to each other.
it happens that I get asked where the future of farms is when they are just around the corner. (no joke)
I hope this new design will work better for everyone.

little sneak peek! and ill keep you guys updated on the progress right here :slight_smile:


current changes


player (hub) portals up to a max size of 2x9 conduit (22 blinksecs)
nice and big signs!
current progress


region XP portals will have advertisement spots!, there will be roughly 12 spots

not sure if these are going to have prices on them per month for your advertisement (taking feedback)


advertisement - i think its awesome idea :slight_smile:

especially for standalone shops :smiley:
there are many many nice shops noone knows about - show youself :smiley:

we know that many players using The Future Farms - and every one of them will see your ad :smiley:

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it has been completed, I’m still waiting for some people to grab a new token
Of course, there’s always fine-tuning and new add-on ideas.

the transfer to the new hub went seamless


It’s looking good :+1:


its now more compacted :smiley:


An old idea of mine, (like launch months for boundless) was billboards with a portal to the shop. But the Forums at the time didn’t like my idea so I never implemented it. I like your idea, I would say either a coin or Oort payment per month for an ad spot, I’d personally prefer Oort so that any portals you are keeping up are directly being funded by the monthly payments. Although, if its Coin, than you could just buy Oort or whatever your heart desired so its up to you, just Oort is a little less volatile than Coin IMO.

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Looking amazing over there at your new hub Host


Thank youuuu! :blush:

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Thanks a lot @Plentymore , getting used to but it’s worth it, I’m happy it worked out the way I wanted it

It’s a tough idea because yeah materials/coins get involved. And I had a hard choice deciding will I do it or won’t I…with several feedback I decided to do it and see where it brings the hub. The idea is to have it self maintained, this way the hub can have portals to other hubs.
This way it it’s less pressure on everyone
Your idea with oort is good, and I will add this to the signs as well. Then the only thing I need to do is figuring out a fixed oort price in comparison to the sign Coin cost per month.
It’s a shame your idea got pushed back @Fiffer13 but I highly recommend picking up that idea again. You got my support!

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