for all your farming needs and desires.
do you use the farms and do you share it with your fellow friends?
the more use it the better!

current farms

  • shimmering orb farms x2 (2 more to come)
  • silty farm ( 2 more to come)
  • ash farm (1 more to come)
  • sand farm (2 more to come)
  • pulsating farm (3 more to come)
  • sedi rock farm ( 2 more to come)
  • peat farm (2 more to come)
  • clay farm (1 more to come)
  • sweet bean farm
  • gravel farm ( 1 more to come)
  • inky & reactive lamella farm
  • mud farm (2 more to come)
  • gleam farm ( 2 more to come)

what farms are to come?

meta rock farm
inge rock farm
all 3 types of wood farm
foliage farm

some screenshots


the hub is still a work in progress.
the plan is to open up portals to active cities.

and don’t forget the region XP area to be coming as well at some point


Love the work you have put into this! Is there an easy route for me to come check it out?

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aww thank you! I’m all about community projects to make gaming easier for everyone :slight_smile:
thank you for the kind words it means a lot!

as for route it all depends where you are coming from (planet) but if i know your location i can come take you there
i know most routes out of my head

also welcome back to the forums

Forgot to mention here …
Thank you Host! Already used your farm.
LOVE the bright bright colors.
You don’t know how to build small do you grins

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thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
thank you also for using the farms, it makes me happy.
your an angel :heart:

(tier one) sap/wood farm has been opened, I was mostly live streaming this farm build, while I was searching for a decent area. it still needs a little fine-tuning, but it is ready to be used!

bottom farming

horizontal farming or side farming however you want to call it.

and last but not least, the top farming

enjoy everyone!