THE FUTURE sovereign will close (completed)

for an hour or 2 at max while I do some re-plotting. ( i got you didn’t I?)
time is unknown but the closing might happen anytime, the planet’s name will change to (closed for a bit)

so no stress this is just temporary :stuck_out_tongue:

those that have a beacon located on the planet will always have access to their areas!
there’s no need to give special perms, that’s just how sovereigns work



could you elabnorate this? whats the mechanism there?

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I believe how this works is in the world control you can close access to public but if you have a beacon on the world that doesn’t apply to you sort of an automatic permissions to visit world

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@DeadDigger exactly what @src said.
once you have a beacon on a sovereign, you will always have visit rights even if the planet has visiting permissions disabled.

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Ah ok, thanks alot

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no problem, your welcome