The Gemporium (T2 Forge Coils @ 1c each)


Hello all! We are about halfway done with our remodel and we still have not stopped production! Previously, you may have known us by “Sly’s Gemporium” or “Jack & Sly’s Gemporium”. We have been looking to rebrand the store but wanted to keep the clever Gemporium name. We hope that the new name does not cause too much confusion. Come take a look at our progress:

We are still working on filling up all of our stands. We’ve noticed some large disparities in pricing among shops, previously and we wish to offer reliable data and prices for our suppliers and our buyers. Transparency is our number 1 goal, so feel free to ask us why something is priced the way it is if you don’t feel like it should be.

One of the ways which we plan on providing the devs with relevant information is by tracking our sales to find items that are sustainable based on current drop rates. With a community this small it isn’t right to say that this information won’t be skewed as it can be easily affected by others with large amounts of purchasing power/big buyouts, but it will be useful information for us at the least.

Before the update, there was a large disparity in the coin that you could get through the different harvesting methods. There just wasn’t enough usability with some of the drops. This is not as much of an issue anymore with the update. We know that one of the missions of the game is to keep every harvesting method generally viable. We have upped many of our asking process based on data that we’ve collected from different types of gatherers on different types of planets and have established asking prices with which we are 80%-90% confident with. We have introduced 4 corners in which different types of gatherers can sell their stuff and make 40k-60k per hour of harvesting. Take advantage of this while you can. We notice some harvesters keeping select items for themselves, so we will decrease these values and offer premiums on the coin we give out on a personal basis. If you wish to help us as a supplier we will roll out some recommended harvesting methods for our shop. We are also providing our suppliers with a 5k bonus for providing us with their yield per hour. Big data ain’t cheap!

We are offering our suppliers the chance to get any tool at 1500 coin off any gem tool purchase for each level 25 character they recommend to our shop. PM me if you would like to take advantage of this offer and I will briefly explain rules and restrictions. Thank you to Owl for getting the ball rolling on this idea.

Didn’t think we’d taken it far enough yet? Why not roleplay a little more shall we? Well, we’re offering anyone about a 3% monthly return on their investment for anybody who would like to purchase some equity in our shop. We will increase this number as I refine our reports :slight_smile: You know where to find us if you’re interested!


Ive only been playing about 2 weeks and enjoying the livin ■■■■ outta this game. Where would i be able to locate a portal to your shop good sirs and or maams.


I forgot to include this in our post! We have portals to the following portals: Therka Market (next to sofa setup), Portal Seeker Shopping Alley A1, Aquatopia Munteen Transfer Station, Portal Seekers Berlyn! All the titles are “Sly’s Gemporium” but I’ll ask for them to be fixed soon. One thing for a first-time player to keep in mind is that we caution against selling base mats. We only request these and any base mat that we buy is usually already at a premium (to incentivize our suppliers) but we are still able to provide cheaper items than most of our competitors.


I love your ad! You should add that Jack is also the birbliest birb.



  • You may have noticed that our request baskets are empty! We are working on baskets to streamline this process. We will be bumping up the rate at which we pay our “associate” harvesters by about 5%, and lowering any public baskets (if any) in the upcoming days. This is to ensure that we have the right materials coming in and not 308453847593 foliage hehe. If you would like to continue selling items to the Gemporium, please let us know! We will give you permissions to access the baskets in the near future.

  • We have bumped up our asking price on Sweet Beans! This price is temporary so take advantage of it while you can :slight_smile: We will be filling up two baskets located in the front consistently while our other baskets are empty for the next day.



  • You may have noticed that we had taken down our request baskets temporarily last week… Well they (some) are back up! You may notice that they are almost half of what they were before… Yes, we know, we’re sorry too, but you may have also noticed that big competition has entered the scene and in order for us to stay competitive, we need to respond as a group accordingly. Previously, we were able to sustain these high prices and manage to expend what we had purchased. We have devised another approach and will be doing something very special with our request baskets and stands that we have not seen done before with any big shop. We hope to prove a few things to the community, and we hope that this will be an overall benefit to all. New prices are listed in the bottom.
  • Our store is almost finished! We are still working on our Portal Network so please bear with us while we get these fleshed out.
  • We have two new members of the team whom we will be introducing very soon! Keep an eye out for our follow up post soon!

We hope to return prices back to what they were previously soon! Message any of us if you’ve got any questions.


good to hear!!!


:clap: good to know


We’ll have them all back up and running soon :slight_smile:


can’t wait!


Hello all!


Again we are sorry for taking out our request baskets for the past week and a half. We have been making some serious changes internally! Our buy baskets are back and better than ever!.. Well, almost. We couldn’t stand giving you guys so much less coin for your time so we bumped these back up, but they are still a few coin off. It is important to be distributing a large portion of the coin back to our consumers. The past few weeks we have taken the time to think, what is the best way to ensure that people to start thinking about valuing their time more. It is nothing that hasn’t been done before, BUT we are now flipping all of the goods that come in our request baskets (not all items available yet, Soon TM). So let’s answer some questions so that you guys don’t raise pitchforks at us just yet…

For how much are you flipping your items?

Well you’ll be happy to hear that we are reselling all goods back within 10%. That means that some goods are being sold at breakeven and other goods are being sold back at a small profit (smaller than the regular ripple brand for sure). You may notice that some goods are being resold at 3 coins when we are buying for 2. We are trying not to take a loss on these items as these were purchased previously, but will by all means do so if necessary to move forward. As we get our average cost down we will shift these to breakeven.

So no, you won’t see any of this buying for 5 selling for 10 stuff :slight_smile: We don’t like this and we’ll stand by that.

Won’t you just get bought out really fast?

Yes and no. We have two ways which we are looking to combat buyouts in the near future. We also have a considerable amount invested in our inventory currently, so we expect predatory buyouts to be short lived. Nothing will directly stop the buyouts overall, but there are some preventative measures we can take and we have a large enough team to do it. One of the preventative controls has to do with the locks that you may notice next to each basket. Yes, these are on purpose. Sorry if you can’t access a stand immediately, check back soon for it to open up.

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

Well we are still making a small profit on the goods that we buy and resell, but that’s not our main goal. As we have stated previously, we are not profit oriented, because we see no need to be in this game with no real cost of living… Instead we are working on full transparency so that you as consumers can get the most out of your time and effort.

What about your first floor? Is that within 10% too?

TLDR: No, these are priced at around a15-25% markup.

We value our goods at certain prices that many people disagree with. Some say its too high, some say it is too low… Maybe you guys can battle that one out before telling us… I dunno… Contrary to popular belief, we do farm some of our own mats. Does this mean that we make 100% profits on these goods? No. Take CuDecker for example, our humble pie maker. Some weeks we do not budget our sweet beans correctly and instead he has to go out and farm them himself. Does that mean the shop leaves him hanging? No. The Gemporium attempts to pay all of our harvesters a similar rate per hour by taking items with the highest usability and assigning values to them. TECHNICALLY, this may or may not go back into the “business”, but for the sake of the simplicity the shop pays out each harvester including us and we will argue with those that think that we have the “easy job” by saying we do a little bit of everything.

I won’t dive into the prices in this post as I would rather it be informative. Just check them out yourselves and let us know if you have any issues. Thanks again for all those who have been patient with us. <3


Got some last minute engines you want to craft, but don’t want to pay a little extra for the convenience? Come on down! How do you know you’re paying a decent price? Well we’re buying them at a very similar price, so… you do the math I guess.


wow since the patch is going live early next week, I better buy the T2 coil mats before you’re out =D



Man you all better come down before we’re sold out :wink:


Hello all!

Over the past week, we have been working on redesigning the structure of our internal operations. We have streamlined our processes and increased our effectiveness and will be able to better meet the demand of the growing community in the upcoming weeks. Over this past month, you have helped us generate 13 million coin in revenue! Most of this coin has been paid out to the community through the help of the request baskets along with the coin that we have paid all of you guys for helping decorate and organize the shop.

Over the past couple of days we have worked on decreasing the costs of some of our lower tier tools to get them in line with our goal of 15%-25% profit on our finished goods. We thank everyone who has been patient enough to wait for us to restock a stand or two when in need.

We are ready to start extending offers to those in the community who are struggling to attain coin or who would just like to be a part of our group to see what we’re all about.

We attempted this in the past but felt like the shop was not ready with our current inventory management system to effectively operate under a contract based system. The request baskets proved to be an inefficient way for us to accurately meet the weekly demand. Currently, we have a few owners of the shop who are highly skilled and trained to do the very things that we had struggled with earlier this month. If you are interested in being a gatherer with us, PM me. I will be reaching out to a few offers that we had received in the past. This process will be slightly selective and will scale with the overall playerbase moving forward. There will be a few rewards that come with being one of our contractors. Enough to justify tagging along and helping us out.

And as always, we have adjusted some of our buy baskets to reflect some of the best prices you’ll see in game. A few baskets that you don’t see around much in the world of Boundless will still need some work but we’ll get there soon. Come check us out.


you should be a politician :wink::joy:


The only thing is I don’t lie :wink:


Hello all, we have made a few noticeable price changes on some of our items on the second floor to ensure that we are paying our harvesters the correct hourly amounts. We have also unlocked some of the baskets that were temporarily locked. We are working on being able to respond more quickly to the baskets being full and empty so bear with us if you see some hot items out of stock. Notably, our supply of shimmering orbs has been stabilizing and we can finally offer these out to you guys! Go check them out. Over the next few days we will be sharing more information about our VIP program which will give a those enrolled all of the latest changes in our second floor stock, including when a lock is removed!


The Miners thank you for your money Slyduda. And we are glad to be some of your highest source of Shimmering Orbs. :wink:


Hello, fellow Oortians! This new update has changed a few things, but what hasn’t changed is the quality and service at the Gemporium! We’ve slashed prices on machines by 1250c; dropped prices on diamond, ruby and sapphire tools; and will be hand trading weapons until elemental shards get fixed! Just let us know what you need! We are updating our signage to reflect new pricing as we figure out the impact of the drop rate change so please ignore the signs in our store at this time. Have a wonderful day!