The Gemporium (T2 Forge Coils @ 1c each)


Cool thanks. I’ll go grab it. I just dropped a load of stock off at your place.


Correction: only 1k left, somebody just bought the rest (like in inbetween these posts)


yeah that was me :smiley:


I noticed this outside the Moon Tower. :100: now i got easy access to your shop @slyduda :ok_hand:
i guess i should spruce up my place now that there might be more traffic :joy:


thx for the topaz shovel =D


Hey gemporiors! the woodcutter buying stand up top could use a chip off the old block if you know what I’m saying…


Hey all! Sorry for keeping the second floor a little empty this past week. A lot of us have been really busy IRL, but next week should be a little freer. Instead of reselling our ore and other materials, we have decided to push them through their normal throughput and sell them as a midway product. We will be changing and monitoring these prices more closely over the next few weeks to make sure that you are getting the best deal in the game (assuming that we aren’t taking losses). We have increased our prices in our regular gem baskets so come check them out!

We have also started selling metals along with their various stages for cheaper than you’d find elsewhere! Make sure to check them out! More coming soon :slight_smile:





Looking for some of the cheapest tools in the GALAXY!? Well, come on down! We’ve lowered our prices on some of the HOTTEST tools!

Diamond Tools @ 2899c each!
Diamond Slingbows @ 3299c each!
Shimmering Orbs @ 299c each!!!

Components @ 350c each (300k in the basket)
Devices @ 1050c each (200k in the basket)
Eyes AND Trophies at competitive prices (hang onto some we don’t know how useful they’ll be)


Looking for an opportunity to benefit from your dedication to our shop? Ask us more about our contractor system! You can receive tools without the inconvenience of crafting them for as little as the manufacturing cost! That’s right! Tired of daunting markups? We are too! Let us help you for helping us. You could be making the following on each of your sales:

Item Buying
Rough Sapphire 420
Rough Amethyst 420
Rough Diamond 120
Rough Emerald 370
Rough Ruby 280
Rough Topaz 370
Rough Oortstone 130

How? Magic :wink:


Hey all,

Sorry we were away for so long! After doing some tough market analysis, pulling out our TI-84’s, taking a few classes in quantum physics, and climbing Mount Everest, we have decided to lower some of our prices to INSANE levels!!!

Diamond Hammer - 2349c each!
Diamond Shovel - 2349c each!
Diamond Axe - 2349c each!
Persisting Pies - 849 each!
Teaching Pies - 1040c each!

If you don’t see them on the stands PM me on discord! We have a massive amount as we’re prepared for some pretty big buyouts… Oh want an extra 50-100c off each? PM me about our killer contractor deals!

#bestdealsinthegalaxy #manyshopssellitems #wesellloveandhugs


Are you still making a profit at these prices, even though you’ve been buying gems for more than omni? Doesn’t really sound like the economy is crashing…


YES! Thankfully we are still making profits! Some prices are not at our recommended threshold, this will probably be the cheapest we will put them at. If competition tries to take losses on these items just to gain more foot traffic we will slow down.

Illegal in real life, we won’t ever purposely take losses just to try to push someone out of the market.


@Simoyd would rage out if you lost his investment :joy_cat:


No predatory pricing here, I’ll be making more profit at this level. My data shows that I can sustain it. Depending on market response I’ll be gradually dropping lower to further up my profit…


Him and the others xD


An interesting strategy I learned from working in the restaurant industry and then in bartending, is how beers are priced… It’s often done on a sliding scale–higher margins on the cheapest items and the lowest margins on the most expensive items. This serves a few purposes…

The first reason it’s done is because time is money. The person serving you that beer gets paid regardless of its wholesale cost, and it takes just as long to serve you that lousy can of Bud Light as it does a Modelo Especial. So, you’re setting your prices with an eye toward the number of customers you can handle during business hours and not just the value of what they’re purchasing. You’re also looking at overall volume, because the things that people buy the most of are the things that you can add a penny to the price and still make a big impact on your business.

The other reason is something a little more clever… Using a fixed percentage markup can make some items seem prohibitively expensive, which in turn will discourage buyers. Having everything on a sliding scale ensures that you still hit your target percentage of profit while being able to offer a wide spectrum of products. And when you have more variety at better overall prices, that brings in more visitors.

The last part of that is also a little bit of a sales trick… When the price difference between a range of items is pretty similar, it becomes a little bit easier for people to justify moving up a tier with their purchases. As an example, maybe you make a lower PERCENTAGE of profit with a Diamond Hammer as opposed to a Silver one, but you may still make more money in gross sales.

A good guide to how it works, if you feel like a bit of reading:

Why Beer Costs What it Does


Yep! We’ll actually be rearranging some prices soon to mimic this. Thanks for the read <3


We’ve got good news and bad news!

Our super limited time Diamond Hammer, Shovel, Axe sale is over! The good news though is we’ve revised the price of all of our Sapphire, Topaz, and Emerald tools! Most tools slashed by about 500-1000 coin each! Even Diamond Bombs have been reduced!


Hey all,

These last few days have been a bit busy for us so sorry that a couple baskets have been empty! Gem Baskets are refilled and some prices increased! If there is something you need feel free to let us know <3 More gem tools are on their way!



  • We’re counting down 23 more days until we are able to share our first quarterly report!
  • Come on down at the Gemporium where you can get the following rates for the following baskets!!!