The Gemporium


great work on the food pie and potions
i took a bit off everything yesterday :smiley:


What a set-up! Great portal design! And I’ll have to look up the shop too! :wink:


The Gemporium would like to give a quick update on what we’ve done the past day.

Most Gem tools have been restocked to a large quantity! Make sure to stop by and gather as many as you need, there’ll always be more waiting for you. Also, come and visit our decorative blocks section, we’ve supplied some of the most commonly-used blocks for you to use to your heart’s content.

In addition to this, we have made developments to our new portal system, with a new neighbouring build in Elop Portas! Take a look:

Be sure to find this next to the SolaHub portal.

Thank you for your time.


I found this place earlier when I was looking to buy a couple of workshop engines…I was not disappointed.
Nicely laid out, clear signage (except for the portals on the first floor, they don’t say which one returns to you the ground floor ;p)

Good shop! Many stuffs! Much wow! (this meme can still be used, right?!?!)


ehhhhh, if you must :confused:


The correct form of Doge Meme is to have “Wow” stand alone, unmodified. Any adjectives/adverbs should also be completely inappropriate for the words they modify.




The Gemporium has been working hard to appeal to the changes that have been made to the game recently. It has been a hard ride so far and we are still working on changes internally. In this post we would like to announce many changes to our selling and asking prices so make sure to come and check these out in the store!

Diamond Revamp

  • Diamond Hammers - 3499c
  • Diamond Shovels - 3499c
  • Diamond Axes - 3499c
  • Diamond Chisels - 3499c
  • Diamond Spanners - 3599c
  • Diamond Grapples - 3999c
  • Diamond Slingbows - 4499c
  • Diamond Bombs - 4999c

General Changes

  • Oort Shard - 13c
  • ALL Brews - 50% off! (Due to recipe changes, thanks to @olliepurkiss)
  • Advanced Workbench Engine - 7499c

Fragments (20kc in Baskets)

  • Olivine - 8c
  • Saltpetre - 45c
  • Sulphur - 40c
  • Cobalt - 40c

Gems (110kc in Basket)

  • Rough Oortstone - 105c

Every purchase contributes to our development. Make sure to check out the store through the recently erected gateways who’s locations can be found posted in this topic.
See you soon!


Quick update
Now buying:

  • Silver Ore - 28c
  • Gold Ore - 28c

Now with 30kc in baskets! Sell your ores now!



There’s been many internal changes to our selling and asking prices, we recommend everyone to try and use this opportunity to sell their valuable goods to the store!


We have recently connected to the newly-constructed Portal Seeker Gateway Network on Vulpto, you can find our portal on the South side of the network marked with “S4”.

All of our portals have been refueled except the Moebius Plaza portal which we have been trying to regain but the new solar system has been hard to adapt to and it will cost us a large amount of coin to keep the portal running.


All request baskets have now been refilled with a large amount of coin! The Gemporium has been focusing on appealing to our customers’ demands and we believe that having a constant supply of coin in request baskets is a way forward. If you see that one of our request baskets is out of coin, let us know! - we are all active on the Boundless Discord, the forum and in-game so don’t be afraid to contact us anywhere.

Here are some highlights:


  • Rough Diamond - 110c
  • Rough Ruby - 170c
  • Rough Topaz - 280c
  • Rough Emerald - 280c
  • Rough Sapphire - 360c
  • Rough Amethyst - 280c


  • Shimmering Orb - 250c (300kc in Basket)
  • Raw Exotic Earthyam - 40c (5kc in Basket)
  • Sweet Bean - 38c (5kc in Basket)
  • Fibrous Leaf - 52c (12kc in Basket)


The Gemporium has been attempting to keep up with stock recently and we’re trying to bring many things back onto the stands. We have been trying to control the rate at which we produce our stock and the rate at which it sells at and are still trying to find a middle-ground.

There have been many changes to our pricing on the 2nd floor of The Gemporium, we have restocked most of our tools and foods so be sure to grab them while they’re in abundance!

That’s it for now, be sure to pop in on this thread or the auction-house discord channel for the latest updates!


You are out of ort :D, someone beat me to it.


@Karrade I have a 7 thousand for sale at the same price.


Cool thanks. I’ll go grab it. I just dropped a load of stock off at your place.


Correction: only 1k left, somebody just bought the rest (like in inbetween these posts)


yeah that was me :smiley:


I noticed this outside the Moon Tower. :100: now i got easy access to your shop @slyduda :ok_hand:
i guess i should spruce up my place now that there might be more traffic :joy:


thx for the topaz shovel =D


Hey gemporiors! the woodcutter buying stand up top could use a chip off the old block if you know what I’m saying…


Hey all! Sorry for keeping the second floor a little empty this past week. A lot of us have been really busy IRL, but next week should be a little freer. Instead of reselling our ore and other materials, we have decided to push them through their normal throughput and sell them as a midway product. We will be changing and monitoring these prices more closely over the next few weeks to make sure that you are getting the best deal in the game (assuming that we aren’t taking losses). We have increased our prices in our regular gem baskets so come check them out!

We have also started selling metals along with their various stages for cheaper than you’d find elsewhere! Make sure to check them out! More coming soon :slight_smile:





Looking for some of the cheapest tools in the GALAXY!? Well, come on down! We’ve lowered our prices on some of the HOTTEST tools!

Diamond Tools @ 2899c each!
Diamond Slingbows @ 3299c each!
Shimmering Orbs @ 299c each!!!

Components @ 350c each (300k in the basket)
Devices @ 1050c each (200k in the basket)
Eyes AND Trophies at competitive prices (hang onto some we don’t know how useful they’ll be)


Looking for an opportunity to benefit from your dedication to our shop? Ask us more about our contractor system! You can receive tools without the inconvenience of crafting them for as little as the manufacturing cost! That’s right! Tired of daunting markups? We are too! Let us help you for helping us. You could be making the following on each of your sales:

Item Buying
Rough Sapphire 420
Rough Amethyst 420
Rough Diamond 120
Rough Emerald 370
Rough Ruby 280
Rough Topaz 370
Rough Oortstone 130

How? Magic :wink: