The Gemporium


Cool thanks. I’ll go grab it. I just dropped a load of stock off at your place.


Correction: only 1k left, somebody just bought the rest (like in inbetween these posts)


yeah that was me :smiley:


I noticed this outside the Moon Tower. :100: now i got easy access to your shop @slyduda :ok_hand:
i guess i should spruce up my place now that there might be more traffic :joy:


thx for the topaz shovel =D


Hey gemporiors! the woodcutter buying stand up top could use a chip off the old block if you know what I’m saying…


Hey all! Sorry for keeping the second floor a little empty this past week. A lot of us have been really busy IRL, but next week should be a little freer. Instead of reselling our ore and other materials, we have decided to push them through their normal throughput and sell them as a midway product. We will be changing and monitoring these prices more closely over the next few weeks to make sure that you are getting the best deal in the game (assuming that we aren’t taking losses). We have increased our prices in our regular gem baskets so come check them out!

We have also started selling metals along with their various stages for cheaper than you’d find elsewhere! Make sure to check them out! More coming soon :slight_smile: