The Gleam Trade. My request list is in

Today I was able to complete the collection of colors of gleam. There are a few I have one single piece. I would like to get at least 4 of those colors so I have 5 sets or so.

I am sure others are in the same boat and looking to possibly trade gleam for gleam. I have added a gleam trade channel under the “Community” Section of our Discord.


Good idea. I like the way those are sorted, even if it took my slow-ass noggin a bit to realise “virid” wasn’t meant to spell “vivid”.


I’m in a similar situation. when the event is over, I’ll have plenty to trade


No point in rushing trade now. Still plenty of time on the event.


I wouldn’t mind another ten complete sets or so. I’ll be up for trading once the event concludes…

A gleam chest in every color would be nice… I’ll need to do some trading too

im going to do that probably, so if i have left any we could trade/ or i can sell you :smiley:


Vividian, duh…!


I have the list of gleam and the amount that I require. Each peice I can trade 1 for 1 of a requested color you need as long as it does not go below the amount I must keep. Or I will pay 800 coins each.

Click on picture the list is longer.

List Updated

ill see how much of these i have, would gladly trade for these:

green 7x #90

lavander 5x #122

light blue 8x #129

cool grey 6x #181

strong azure 12x #238

List complete for now Thank you everyone.