The gleambow event inside the gleambow event (A message from one of the organizers)

As one of the people who organized and put a lot of time into this let me clarify a few things for people and also apologize if any people had rude things said to them. We strongly discourage this but given how widespread the event inside the event has become there is bound to be less than ideal interactions that can occur. If you are being harassed you are encouraged to report that person. Use screen shots.

As for the time and place of the event.

  1. Easy terrain
  2. We want normal non group members to stumble on us and join us to help grow the numbers
  3. Don’t have to deal with normal meteors.
  4. Get the occasional natural meteor spawn with sacs.
  5. Augments have a very small chance of actually spawning a meteor after the event. @james could you confirm?
  6. We created an actual build for this event so moving would be difficult. We use directional portals to get to meteors much faster and help newer people to get to theirs quick (which is required to finish a solo 6)

I’m noticing quite of few people who seem to be against this event haven’t actually been out here. Also some of the ones that thought this group harassing people have been out here and seen what were doing to help people have reversed course. Even if you have had a bad experience with someone here I promise you that the people who organized this will still welcome you and get you set up on how it works and a free few augments on us.

Lastly, James mentioned no one owns a meteor. This is true and everybody can technically smack someones spawned meteor. Just know that if you do it repeatedly it isn’t going to sit well with your fellow oortians. But please if you are one who spawn a meteor that was doesn’t mean you should verbally assault someone who took part of the meteor that you spawned

Thanks everyone for making this event some of the best times I’ve had in this game and please treat your fellow oortians well. That is all I ask.

Spitcup is streaming the event if you want to see it in action



However, there’s a limit to the amount of meteors on a world, which means using augments on a busy world means the augments do not spawn one even tho it always should when it’s not too busy…

This is what people have been saying and why I asked james to confirm or deny.

But he did confirm this??

This is not correct. Augments spawn meteors 100% of the time & will continue to work after the event.

Unfortunately no but he didn’t deny either. Regardless, it doesn’t matter because we are operating this event under that notion unless we hear otherwise

And yes, James confirmed this is causing meteors to not spawn.

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You now heard otherwise, like I already did before I replied to you (just read that thread before I replied, haha)…

This isn’t what I am referring to. I am speaking to after the event. Which isn’t directly stated there but probably includes after the event.

It will work the same after the event. GB augments will spawn GB.

I appreciate the clarification

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Yes, there is no limitation, augment spawns a gleambow always! Unless there are already too many meteorites on the planet at that time.

Which has a much lower chance of happening on a quiet planet :wink:

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Yeah but we want people to join us and also the event is sustainable with natural meteors funding sacs for people.