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The Golden Fist is currently recruiting master Fisters…uuhh i mean Farmers! Ready to punch the ground/gleam/lava to grow some golden crops with us? With the farming update just around the corner we are plotting up new, never before farmed, areas of the universe. Come find us on Imdaari and talk to us about the golden opportunity that awaits you farming with The Golden Fist Guild!




Ever seen this fist in real life?


I believe it’s in Saudi Arabia. I haven’t been to that part of the world yet. Lots of cool stuff I’d like to visit.


Yeah it’s in Jeddah. But… it’s bronze lmao


Whoah, that’s cool. Is this an ancient statue or something?


I couldn’t find a construction date but it was done by a French artist sometime more recently it looks. It sounds like there are several sculptures and beautification projects in Jeddah. Second largest city in Saudi Arabia. I learned something new.


It was crafted in the early 80’s. They restored the base recently. Cesar died in 98


Thanks for the missing info. Have you seen it in person?


Yes. I was over that way from 2002-04. It’s awesome in person. Bigger than it looks and very very detailed


That’s really cool. So much history in that region too.