The Golden Fist Update - The Max Fist



We’ve come a long way since first opening. To mark our 1-month(ish) anniversary, we wanted to post an update with some of our latest offerings.

Our biggest update is with the fists themselves. We have worked out a perfect formula to get max level fists in the forge (raising the gold standard), causing us to drop all of our prices on the no-longer-top shelf-fists considerably (many 1000c to 4000c fists)! On ‘The Golden Fist’, I’m talking +1205 dmg, +30 range, and +100% crit effect. My hunter alt gets 17,400dmg crits out of it without any buffs.

In addition, we have a wide assortment of forged wayfarer totems. Wayfarer totems are equivelant to all of the titanium tools combined (multitool). Save inventory space by carrying a stack of these instead of one of each type)

We’ve also added shotty slingbows (all gem types coming in a day or two). Snipe the flyers with the fist, and get all up on the wildstocks to slap them with your big ol’ 30,000+dmg crits

Also all of the bombs, from basic healers to huge heal (6000+HP) w/ aggro and durability, and Regen bombs for the farmers.

Consumable War Items

T6 AOE Hammers 10,999c (we’re getting these recipes locked down), Low level hammers too.

Offhand Miscellaneous


Gatherer Tools/ Low Level Hammers (Restock coming soon, forge is backed up)
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got one of your water totems, very handy! takes a bit to get used to though :stuck_out_tongue: can’t swim back up unless you switch but you can stay afloat if you haven’t started sinking.
the fists sound incredible!
oh and thanks for some of the cheapest coils i’ve seen :wink:


Let us know if you think we should add anything.

Lol with the new fists, on my damage dps alt, i drank a mega strength brew, ate a criticaling pie, built up focus to 10, drank a focus brew, and was shooting 46,000dmg crits every shot. Highest I’ve ever seen (next round of shotty bows should beat that tho)



that’s insane!

I’m trying to get to my ideal setup of fist with damage, loot magnet and range or dura and a grapple with glow, range and speed.
I’m trying to forge it all myself but still not quite there yet. been making iron fists but would buy gold


We sell “plain Jane” unforged gold fists in the back of the gold fist statue, their at 350/ea right now if you wanna try your hand at it


I saw those :smiley:
when I’m powered up I’ll grab some and give it a shot :blush:


Hi, can you save me 4 aoe Hammer Tier 1/2 ? I am @ Work now and will BE online in 12 hours so that WE can meet and in your Shop and make a Trade Money for Hammer s? I m on PS 4 Turrican2006
Sry for my english, coming from Germany.


I’m at work for the day but I sent this to my partner in case he is able to, I’ll let you know.


That Sounds good , do you have shovels that are aoe ?


We do have some 3x3 aoe +dmg shovels for farming, I think they are in the picture that didn’t upload all the way


OK thx for the answer


What tier of AOE shovels are you looking for?


Just for Tier 1 or 2


The forge master himself, my partner in crime, Tonezone


I have bought around 10 fists from these guys. They have options for all builds + some neat totem forges.