Immeasurable excitement!


hmm, still not want to see it … It began good with the old movies (remastered were just perferct), got low with the prequels and now disney drives it into the wall ^^

May be I have a look if a friend has it on bluray to give it a try … but I think my pals will kill me for all my negative feedback while the film is running :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GASPP!!! I’m not talking to youuuu…

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Dude. JJ’s in charge. It will be worth it.

No clue who JJ is, but I hope you didn’t ment Jar Jar ;p

J.J. Abrams did Star Trek 2009, and Into Darkness.

And Alias, and Super 8, and let’s not forget LOST my all time favorite.

He’s a fantastic storyteller.

Yes, but we are DEFINITELY Pinning the Ending of LOST on NOT J.J. Abrams.

Hmm, He was also one of the men making Fringe, one of my most loved TV series … I will have a look if it’s on bluray ^^

Initially I thought they would ruin it, but I am starting to look forward to it now :slight_smile: