The Inventory UI Placement

When I press “E” to open the inventory UI, everything’s a bit lower than I’d prefer. To make it more comfortable can the devs move it a bit higher up, or give the option to change its location?

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that awefully specific isnt it? i think it will be better if you give them a good reason for doing so, if it is really bad for you then you should be able to come up with one :smile:

I actually kinda like it lower because you can see over the UI a bit better. That way you can at least keep an eye out when you’re in the inventory screem :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is already enough to see past with the UI being transparent. I also agree that it should be raised slightly, it would be far more aesthetically pleasing.

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It’s not the final UI, I suggest we wait till they fix that up.