The last 900- Spooky seeds discount price: 150c! Tomirs Endgame» top floor PS lamblis


What is considered a good price for selling spooky seeds?


Might be a bit of a hard question to answer.

Although it should be taken with a grain of salt, boundless trade begins listing at 290c, with most being between 290c to 1000c. However, the total stock of seeds available on boundless trade (excluding the one selling for 9.9 billion coins) dosen’t even total 1500.

Still though, I feel somewhere between these 2 values would be roughly what there worth, but it really comes down to demand.


265c it is then. :wink:


Feel like its my obligation to point out that it might be better to start off higher rather than lower and see if anyone bites ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think Tomir is on the right track. If there are 1500 out for 290 or more that have not sold, the price is probably too high. Also, most of the newer players don’t even know what they are for.

Edit: fixed a typo.


For anyone curious about Spoky Seeds. They are used to make the Skull and Jack O Lantern items from last years Halloween event.


you have a fair point there bud.


Haha, sorry i dont do capitalism :joy:

I bought them all for 50-200c each when they were spawning.

I will be mass producing forged stuff at insane prices. High rank and 10k top price.

Not to brag but i had the cheapest shop ever pre forge change. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems a bit dear. I was paying 800 per skull. 180 seeds make 25 skulls. That’s 1908 per skull. But they aren’t available so you can charge whatever you like.


Its now 195c each.

Still not 800 per skull, but that was during the time they dropped or?


No that’s current price. In fact I’m getting a 100k worth today. Maybe it’s a friend deal. Lol.


Restocked its the last batch.


Need cash, 900 seeds up for sale 150each.