The Lavarynthe is looking for ACTIVE shopkeepers! (Last call)

Hi all,

The Lavarynthe (on Nasharil) is nearly ready to open for business. In preparation for this, we have two shopfronts that are up for grabs.

Portal connections to most major hubs and some shopping areas. (All portal costs are covered by us).
Continuing foot traffic from the Lavarynthe’s attractions, other shops, portals and the public tech mine.
Outer shop walls are provided and maintained by us. You own your own space inside the shop (plenty of room for a house below-surface if you like also).
Limited local competition–we’re only taking shops that serve separate areas of demand. You won’t have a neighbor next door you’re consistently fighting with for customers.
Become a participant of one of the most impressive and interesting builds in the Boundless universe.

Maintain competitive pricing – You don’t have to undercut everybody else on the market (you’re welcome to, of course), but your pricing must remain reasonable and competitive with other similar shops.
Maintain consistent stock – Nobody’s perfect and real life comes first, but if you decide to offer a particular type of product, you should consistently stay stocked over a long period of time. (The goal is to bring traffic in, for all of our sakes.)
If at any point you decide to close up shop or quit the game, you must let me know (and allow me to reclaim your plots) before you go.
Maintain a claim high enough to keep the glass dome intact.
Minimum 15 plots.

Shops that are looking to sell to a niche market are a particularly good fit for this operation.

Private message me here or hunt me up in discord if you’re interested.



Have one interested party so far. Anybody else?

Two people interested. Anybody else? Last call for now.