The Locked Door Discount Store preparing for week 2


The Locked Door will be opening this weekend. It will only be open on weekends starting at 7pm est Fridays, throught 7pm est sundays.

Items for sales:
Refined gems
Ore and bars
Compact coal
Pie and brews
Forged Diamond Hammers
Forged Ruby slingbows
Diamond shovels and axes

These items we will try to sell at the cheapest price available.

We will also be giving away freebies throught out the weekends so come back and look around.

How to get there?

The locked door is located in Twin Peaks on Beservona. Enter the portal seeker portal hub and look for the taxi shopping hub portal" portal surrounded by machined gold". That will send you to Beservona’s shopping hub in Twin Peaks. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


I am forging the hammers for this up coming weekend. My forging has gotten better and I am making what everyone is calling T6 hammers. level 9-10 Devastating Damage 3x3 some with busy bee and some with a little durability. I have my last hammers at a very low price. These would everyone be ok if I charge a couple thousand more for them. The new ingredients are costly. I will make sure they are still at a steal price. We will be making less basic diamond axes and shovels to meet demand for the hammers. Gem ore and food will remain the same price. Some of the food that did not sell we will be pulling and replacing with different items maybe more will be interested in. Let me know. Thanks all


I love these kinds of shops! Good luck.


Thanks. Hope it does well.


Hi @Orrian, I’m going to go ahead and move this to the trading category so you get better exposure, but I’m also going to delete the duplicate thead in the general channel. Best of luck to you!


If the doors are Locked, how do we get in? Are there windows?


Thanks. Did not mean to post the 1st one in Creations.


I will unlock the door on the weekend of course :slight_smile:


But if the doors are unlocked, wouldn’t it not be the ‘The Locked Door Store’ anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:


Which portal hub?


Go to Beservona’s hub and you will see the taxi to twin peaks. It is there.


There should be a locked backdoor just in case, so on weekdays its the “two locked doors store” :rofl:


I thought they just sold locks and doors :slightly_smiling_face:


Sigh, portal seekers or aqua?


Portal seekers


Shops grand opening tonight at 7pm Est. Meet everyone there


Price sample.
Refined diamond = 1750
3x3 diamond hammers + dmg = 12k


Compact hard coal I believe is 399 coin each


Ruby slingbows plus speed and dmg = 7500 coin


Are these all items you found scavenging? :wink:


I mine all week. Make my own hammers. And supplies. So I am able to lower my prices and mostly charge for my time and cost to keep me mining.

Right now with refined gems we have 50 of each gem. Hopefully they sell out. If so I will have to try to have more on the stands future weekends

If everything sells out before sunday. We will shut the door. Until we restock and open the following weekend.