The Oort Currency

What will be the currency of Oort Online? Gold as usual? Copper/Silver? Some sort of gem? I’ve had a few ideas, but I want to see some of the unique ideas that you guys have.

Shards or crystals. Gold is more for crafting then a currency in such a game :wink:

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Yeah, the Oort shards are apparently going to be an important feature in making warps/portals, so maybe they could be used as currency, perhaps even a trading medium.

Why is gold being used for crafting? Like golden objects or my wooden chair is literally going to have money stuffed inside of it?

I think it would be more useful as a crafting material than a currency. If it was both, it would work, but I just don’t like gold as a currency since it’s pretty overused.

Gold is good for every electrical/technical stuff … or for rings and necklaces. May be special Armor or weapons use it … may be there is no gold in the game at all ;D

Gold is going to be the universally aknowledged currency, you can see that on the side. although i cant see the use for it atm xD

Currency shouldnt be used for crafting, currency is usually set in stone but in a game with no npc’s i find it hard to imagine a gold sinc

yeah, I just thought that gold as a crafting mat should not be a currency … so if gold is the currency, of cause it should not be used in crafting (and not be just found as a ressource in the ground like iron or other mats :wink: )

I see gold having much more potential as a crafting material than a currency, so I guess that’s another reason I don’t want it as a currency.

Hey. you asked.

True. It’s just that other players might have an alternate look at it that could make more sense.

Ah, didn’t remember that one. But there is always room for different ideas :wink:

then there is just one question left: For what gold is used that we all need to get it? … but that is for another topic ^^

Kinda hillarious thinking about it when there is an entire tab on the page called ‘‘currency’’ and you ask what type of currency they ask xD

That my friend, is called gold sinks. which they are aware off but it is something i cannot for the love of god imagine how will be done.

Fueling the beacons for fueling your mass production facility that creates fuels for a factory that fuels your crafting stations.

They’ve discussed a few possible routes for currency my personal favorite is that you passively gain money by doing common things such as mining, building, or slaying monsters in addition to player trades. This rewards players based on activity in additio variety of things, opposed to just mining gold nodes.

Exactly. I don’t like the concept of mining gold nodes or going to places that practically drop gold, but receving it based on certain activities, or slaying difficult bosses. And the difficult bosses shouldn’t be farmable to support what I just said