The Search for Luminous Tan

So this post isn’t about needing lumi tan, as I found some. Its more a question about how Boundlessinfo updates, as I went on quite the wild goose chase yesterday…

So when I typed it in the color finder, it listed 4 planets with sedi rock in lumi tan. The first 2 had already changed colors, the third didn’t allow “editing” (aka harvesting), and finally found it on the 4th planet. That planet is about to expire soon too, lol.

So the question is…how often does Boundlessinfo update their color selection? I couldn’t have “just caught” the 2 that had changed colors…:thinking:

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It updates by someone going to every sovereign and scanning it…

Oh my…and I’m guessing that only happens upon request…theres like 400 sovs, so I’m guessing it will just get more and more inaccurate :unamused:

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More or less yes… I try and run through all of them in TNT and GTG every week or two


I’ll run through them tomorrow

@Redlotus when you get the chance, could you please scan Phyusion Frusty for me pretty please? Accessible through TNT Serpensirindi portal hub in the back right hand corner


Scanned all the Planets in TNT and GTG. Including both the T5-T7 networks of both. I will scan a few others that do not have portals.

Also scanned all the planets @bucfanpaka has in Paka’s Place and Paka’s Sylva and Gyosha.


You are an amazing person. Thank you!!!

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boundlesinfo stopped returning anything but blank pages for me around the same time the hunt kalendar stopped working; the kalendar workes for me now that someone made a link to a page with the kalendar not in an ifre or something like that—any hope of doing the same for boundlessinfo?