The Sky Diamond

Hi everyone!

Those who use The Sky Diamond on Cephonex Merika either for shopping or for its links to the various portal networks may have noticed dwindling stock or dead portals recently. I just wanted to explain what’s happening.

One month ago I woke up after a particularly bad migraine to find that I had lost part of the vision in my right eye. A trip to the hospital, and a bunch of tests later revealved that I had suffered what is commonly referred to as an eye stroke. This is similar to a regular stroke in that obstructed blood flow causes swelling and cell damage, in this instance on the retina resulting in sight loss and a risk of further strokes.

One side effect of this change in vision is that I am now unable to use a computer display without severe discomfort and strobing. After some experimentation it appears this is most likely related to the refresh rate of the display, as I am able to use my 120Hz phone screen without too much issue. I therefore might be able to use a computer again at some point if I invest in a high refresh rate monitor. As I was previously working as a web developer though, this change has had serious repercussions both personally and financially.

As a result of this and a couple of other personal setbacks this month I have had to step away from Boundless for a while. My wife is still trying to look in on The Sky Diamond from time to time, refuelling portals when possible, but it’s likely she won’t be able to keep everything running without me. If anyone notices dead portals or smoking beacons, I would be really grateful for a heads-up. After years of work, I’d hate to lose my builds.


I’m really sorry to hear about your setback. I hope you’re able to get the type of monitor required to get back to Boundless.

I’ve not been by that way for a long time, but if I notice your beacons smoking I’ll message you here.

All the best.


One of our first stores in DK in across from the Diamond… very nice build. I am sorry to hear about your setback and limiter on screen use. I hope you are able to find a path to using your systems again.

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Thanks for the kind messages and offers of help. We managed to buy a large amount of rough oortstone and refueled all the portals, so they should be good for another couple of weeks.

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