The Streets of Folva and the Fortress of Orlein

Hey guys

me and jakog7 have started a project in folva.
It basically startet with me building streets to connect our base to different locations we visited for exploring or ressource-gathering etc. but we had a visitor the other day in our fortress and i led him here from the capital and i thought to myself “Hey the capital is not so far away why dont i connect it to our base?” aaaaaaannnddd soooooo Jakog7 and me did that today. We will try to connect the bigger projects of all guys in folva step by step to our new network.
Of course you can connect yourself to our streetnetwork too :wink: feel free to create little roads that end at our mainstreet.

And not to forget please feel free to drop by at our fortress whenever you feel like it :smiley: we got a new and awesome beacon from james and we have big plans with our new space so you can expect it to grow nicely.

Our street beginns at the east of the capital you should easily spot it (pictures below) and for those who dont want to loose their gear the coordinate : -400, 100, 1000
Me and Jakog7 hope some of you stop by :smiley:

yours Tura :smiley:

That is our fortress. The blueish building at the back is the mage-guild and the left tower the observator so you should easily spot us 10 miles away :wink:

And thats the street. I always do these stone-bows with the blue crystal in the middle so it should be easily recognizeable :wink:


Do you mind if I steal this post and put it in my goodies topic? I’m hoping to get a good collection of places to visit in one scrollable list, but not much of a start yet. Understandable though with griefer fears.

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That’s going to look so good with the new texture update.

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Not at all apocalyptica you can feature us in there too :smiley:

And which one do you mean ben? Our fortress or the street :wink: ?

Nice place, I can’t wait for more props n objects.